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BHEL has been supporting socioeconomic and community development programmes to promote education, improvement of living conditions and hygiene in villages, sum areas and communities located in the vicinity of its manufacturing plants/ project sites spread across the country through various projects both at Unit level and by specialized agencies. BHEL has always endeavored to aid the disaster/calamity struck areas through provision of essential items, restoration work for damage, etc. BHEL employees have come forward and made contribution from their salaries expressing their solidarity & support for the people affected in disasters.

Projects have been undertaken in the following areas:

  • Care & Support to Old-Age homes, Orphanages, etc.
  • Women Empowerment
  • Distribution of Aids/Appliances for Differently-abled
  • Infrastructure development in Rural areas
  • Promoting Education in Slum areas
  • Support to Leprosy Homes
  • Promoting Community Development programmes
  • Distribution of Sewing Machines, Hand-carts, etc.
  • Relief operations for Disaster/Calamity affected areas

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