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Controlled shunt reactor for transmission lines.
Rib shield winding technology for 400 kV class
Hydrogen recycle compressor for diesel hydro
  de-sulphurization system (DHDS).
4070 kW squirrel cage induction motor with
   pressurized  enclosure.
Solar photovoltaic grid connected power systems.
Solar geyser based on the heat pipe principle.
Ceramic honeycomb based catalytic converters.
One million gallons per day sea water desalination
   plant using reverse osmosis
Sewage disinfection system using ultra-violet radiation
Robotic systems for welding and material handling
Methodologies for residual life estimation and life
  enhancement for power plant equipment
Methodology for residual life assessment of
Micro Controller Based Governor
   for diesel electric locos
Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Erosion resistant coatings for Hydro Turbine
2 X 25 KW Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Power Pack
 200 kVA Superconducting Generator

BHEL has established well-equipped facilities to carry out research. Some important research facilities are:

Material Sciences Laboratory 

Turbo-machinery Laboratory

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Welding Research Institute
Pollution Control Research
Ceramic Technological Institute

Test facilities for clean coal technology 

Metallurgy Laboratory

Ultra High Voltage Laboratory

Centre for Electric Transportation

Welding Research Institute

Ceramic Technological Institute

Pollution Control Research Institute

Fuel Evaluation Test Facility 

6.2 MWe Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant
BHEL publishes a quarterly "BHEL JOURNAL" (ISSN 0970-1540) and "Engineering Newsletter"  ( March 2002 , June 2002 , September 2002 ) reporting on the technological developments in the company.


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