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The laboratory is engaged in developing suitable coatings required for protection of gas turbine and hydroturbine components against erosion, abrasion, cavitation and corrosion. Silt erosion is a serious problem in hilly Himalayan regions and the Laboratory has successfully developed coatings for guide vanes, needles and other hydro turbine components using HVOF process. Coated components have performed well during field trials. The laboratory also develops surface coatings to combat erosion and corrosion in FBC, CFBC and PC boilers and auxiliaries like ID fans, air preheaters, valves etc.

Major facilities:

Plasma spray system, HVOF spray system, Powder flame spray system, Wire flame spray system, Vacuum furnace , Tape casting machine, X-ray diffraction equipment, Wear test rigs, Thermal spray robot with tilting turn table, X-Y manipulator, Boom and rotator. 

Major achievements:

High temperature wear resistant coatings on shroud segments of
    gas turbines

 Atmospheric plasma sprayed zirconia based coatings for combustion liners of GTs.
 High temperature wear resistant coating for steam valve spindles.
 Alumina insulating coatings for parting bolt rings of industrial turbines.
 Corrosion resistant stainless steel coatings for CO2 compressor casings.
 Saline atmospheric corrosion resistant coatings for switch gear panels.
 Multi layer insulation coatings for deep groove welding nozzles.
Major ongoing Programmes:
 Application of HVOF sprayed coatings to combat silt erosion of hydro turbine components- 
 guide vanes, top and bottom covers, runners etc.
 Application of thermal spray coatings to resist erosion wastage of water wall and in bed 
 evaporator tubes of FBC & CFBC boilers.
 Development of slurry erosion and corrosion resistant coatings for oil field gate valves and 
 other high pressure gate valves.
 Wall wick type of coatings suitable to sealed Ni-H2 batteries for aerospace application.

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