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Turbomachinery Laboratory is engaged in aerodynamic investigations on steam turbines, compressors, fans, blowers and other associated equipment dealing with fluid flow. Apart from developing products like fans, rotary blowers etc., the laboratory contributes for incremental improvement in the performance of existing turbomachinery products. Aerodynamic calibration of probes, nozzles and other flow measuring devices to meet National and International Standards also forms major function of the laboratory.

Major Facilities:

 Two dimensional Cascade Tunnel.
 Annular Cascade Tunnel.
 Variable Density Cascade Tunnel.
 Model Turbine Test rig.
 Fan Test rigs.
Major Achievements:
 Development of aerofoil bladed impeller for centrifugal fans.
 Development of light weight hollow bladed axial fan.
 Development of Integrally geared compressor.
 Development of 6000 N m3/hr CFBC blower.
 Development of LSD Vaned Diffusers for 2BCL 408 LEF Compressor.
 Design of new series steam turbines of 19-25 MW and 24-31 MW ratings.
 NABL Accreditation for fluid flow calibration.
Major Ongoing Programs:
   Development of 8 MW High Speed Impulse Turbine.
   Development of Axial Exhausthood for steam turbines.
   Development of 3D Impellers for centrifugal compressors.
   Development of Low Solidity vaned Diffusers for Centrifugal compressor stages.
   Development of Lobe type rotary blowers for CFBC applications.

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