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Insulation Technology Laboratory 

The activities of the laboratory include long-term functional evaluation of insulation systems, development of methodologies for Residual Life Assessment of High Voltage Generators and development of Insulating Materials and Components for special-purpose applications like Cone Insulators for Gas Insulated Systems (GIS) and Bushings for Flame-Proof Motors.

Major Achievements:

Cone Insulators for 145 kV GIS

66/11 kV Epoxy Terminal Insulator and Terminal Box for Flame-proof and Explosion-proof AC Motors 

1100 V/650 Amps Epoxy Terminal Bushing for Flame-proof and Explosion-proof AC Motors

200 kV HVDC Capacitor for Filter Bank Applications

Motorette Testing of Insulation Systems for determination of Thermal Index

Major Ongoing Projects:

Development of 1600 A/40 kA, Oil-to-Gas Busing for 145 kV GIS System 

Major Facilities:

ELCID Test Kit for detection of stator core faults 

Capacitance and Tan-delta Bridge  

Dielectric Loss Analyser 

20 kV rated High Voltage DC Test Set 

Electrodynamic Vibrator for Mechanical Endurance/Motorette testing 

Thermal Conductivity Measuring Test Set  

2.5 T Universal Testing Machine for testing of insulating materials

75 T Hydraulic Press for laminate preparation 

Recurrent Surge Oscilloscope Test Set  

Electrical Machines Laboratory

The laboratory is engaged in the development of special electrical machines, like Brushless Exciters, Permanent Magnet Machines, and High Frequency Motors and Generators. The laboratory also carries out studies to predict machine performances under normal and abnormal operating conditions.

Major Achievements:

A range of Brushless Exciters for Synchronous Machines up to 10 MW rating

3 kVA, 1500 RPM, Permanent Magnet Generators for TGs up to 25 MVA rating 

5 kVA, 3000 RPM, Permanent Magnet Generators for TGs up to 50 MVA rating

8 HP DC Servo Motor with Permanent Magnet Field Excitation

600 VA, 32 V, 12000 RPM PMG for special application

Major Ongoing Projects:

Development of 40 kVA, 400 Hz, 12000 RPM Compact Generator 

Development of 205 kW, 210 V, 3400 RPM DC Motor  

Major Facilities:

5 kVA Micro Alternator for simulation of TG operation 

Torque Transducer and Measuring Unit 

Digital Power Analyser

5 kW Motor-Generator Set

Integrated Digital Flux Meter 

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 

Portable Gauss Meter 

Digital Slip Speed Indicator 

Micro Ohm Meter 

AC Variable Frequency Inverter Supply

Power Electronics Systems Laboratory

The laboratory focuses on design and development of power electronic equipment and controllers for traction and industrial applications using the state-of-the-art controls and power semiconductor devices, like GTOs, IGCTs and IGBTs. Power conditioners for non-conventional energy sources, like fuel cells, photovoltaic power packs and battery storage systems, also fall in the scope of activities of the laboratory. The laboratory is fully equipped with facilities to carry out advanced research in the area of Flexible AC Transmissions Systems (FACTS) and Custom Power Devices.

Major Achievements:

1 MVAR STATCOM for industrial applications

180 kVA, IGBT-based single phase-to-three phase static converter for AC Locomotive  

320 kW Inverter of 3600 HP Diesel Electric Locomotives 

Natural-cooled Inverter Controls for 25 kVA under-slung System for AC Coaches for Indian Railways 

Major Ongoing Projects:

Development of Three-phase AC Drive System for Diesel Electric Locomotives (Phase-1) (MOU Project for 2003-04) 

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory is engaged in analytical and experimental studies aimed at performance improvement of Power Transformers, development of Gas Insulated Products, Protective Spark Gaps for series compensation schemes, etc. The laboratory has developed a number of computer programs for design of transformers and reactors. 

Major Achievements:

32 kV/220 kV Protective Spark Gaps 

Computer Programs for impulse voltage distribution in the transformer windings 

400 kV SF6 Gas filled Bus Duct 

145 kV, SF6 Gas Insulated Bushing  

Resin Cast Voltage and Current Sensors for medium voltage switchgears  

Major Ongoing Projects:

Development of 400 kV Spark Gap  

Direct Measurement of Hot Spot Temperatures in Transformer   

Failure analysis of HVDC Converter Transformer   

Major Facilities:

Partial Discharge (PD) Test System  

Acoustic PD Detector for Transformers  

900 kV Impulse Voltage Generator and Measurement System 

35 kV Recurrent Surge Generator 

Oil Breakdown Test Set 

Schering Bridge 

500 kV Testing Transformer 

100 kV HVDC Test System 

Test facilities for RLA of Transformers like Residual Voltage Measurement System, Tera Ohm Meter, Frequency Response Analyser, Capacitance and Tan Delta Bridge, and Winding Resistance Meter 

Gas Insulated Products & Switchgear Development Laboratory 

The laboratory is engaged in analytical and experimental studies aimed at new designs and performance improvement of gas insulated substations, gas and vacuum circuit breakers and auxiliary equipment for gas insulated power equipment. The laboratory has developed a number of computer programmes for designs of gas insulated sub-systems used in transmission and distribution systems.

Major Achievements:

Medium Voltage GIS (isolated and three-phase common versions) 

145 kV Gas Insulated Substation (presently under demonstration)  

Insulated Nozzle Type Gas Circuit Breaker of 145 kV/ 31.5 kA ratings 

Gas Insulated Surge Arrestors up to 145 kV 

Gas-to-Cable Termination for 145 kV GIS.   

Major Ongoing Projects:

Development of 3-phase Compact Circuit Breaker for 145 kV GIS  

Development of 145 kV/ 40 kA SF6 Circuit Breaker    

Development of Permanent Magnet Actuators for VCB   

Development of Hydraulic Actuator for GIS Circuit Breakers 

Major Facilities:

PD-free 325 kV SF6 Gas Insulated Test Transformer 

1 Mega Joule, Energy Storage Capacitor Bank 

Ultra High Vacuum System 

Halogen Leak Detector and MSLD 

Short Circuit Testing Transformer, 6.6 kV/440 Volts, 31.5 kA 

2500A High Current Source for Heat Run Tests 

Circuit Breaker Analyser 

4-channel Digital Oscilloscope 

18 Channel UV Recorder 

Dust-Free Assembly Room 

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