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Programmable Control System 

The laboratory focuses on development of electric control systems for the automation of industrial processes and power plants. The major activities include development of Computer and Microprocessor based systems for process control and monitoring, development of equipment health monitoring systems and application of artificial intelligence techniques in the designs wherever required.

Major Achievements:
Electrostatic Precipitator Management Systems
Controllers for Wind Electric Generators 
Intelligent Water Chemistry System
Health monitoring system for Induction Motors
Terminal Automation for Bulk Petroleum Loading 
Indigenous DCS for process control based OMEGA Platform 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of integrated Asset Management and Decision Support Systems for thermal power plants 
Software solutions for maintenance of power and process industries (jointly with TCS under MOU)

Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

This laboratory is presently engaged in the design and development of digital Controls and Instrumentation Systems for diesel-electric locomotives, turbines, fuel cells and Defence applications. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for carrying out calibration of pressure and temperature instruments, and is providing instrumentation support to BHEL units for carrying out Performance Guarantee Tests.

Major Achievements:
Digital Electro-hydraulic Turbine Controllers for steam turbines, hydro turbines
PC-based Turbine Stress Indicator and Controller 
Microcontroller-based Governor for diesel-electric locomotives
PC-based MMI for New-Generation Digital Voltage Regulator (NGDVR)
PC based Sequence-of-Events (SOE) Station for Procontrol-based systems 
Digital Compact Electronic unit for Gun Control System of Main Battle Tank, “Arjun” 
Digital Controller for Slewable Antenna System for Project, “Akash” 
Digital controls for Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation (Fixed capacitor bank) of FACTS 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Microprocessor-based Controller for 3100 HP AC/DC diesel-electric locomotives for Indian Railways 
Microprocessor-based Controller for traction alternator fitted on 700 HP AC/AC diesel-electric locomotive
Low cost Electronic Governor for industrial steam Turbines   
Control and Instrumentation System for 5 kW PEM Fuel Cell under NMITLI Scheme of CSIR 
Calibration and Instrumentation support to BHEL-Ramachandrapuram in carrying out Performance Guarantee Tests

Transmission and Protection Systems Laboratory

The laboratory is devoted to the developments in the areas of Controlled Shunt Reactors and Phase Shifting Transformer. The laboratory is also involved in the development of 400 kV Class SF6-based Current Transformer, Microprocessor-based Numerical Relays, Electronic Energy Meters incorporating the latest technologies and Grounding Brush and Shaft Current Monitoring System.

Major Achievements:
Controlled Shunt Reactor under field trial at 400 kV PGCIL Substation, Itarsi 
Phase Shifting Transformer System working at 33 kV substation at Corporate R&D Complex, Hyderabad  
Numerical Relays for Feeder Protection System commissioned on commercial basis at 33 kV substation at BHEL, Tiruchirapalli  
Numerical Line Protection System commissioned under field trial at 132 kV AP Transco Substation, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad, along with 145 kV GIS
IrDA based Electronic Meters under production at BHEL Electronics Division, Bangalore
132 kV, SF6 Current Transformer commissioned at AP Transco 132 kV Substation, Medchal, Hyderabad

Major Ongoing Projects:
Microprocessor-based controllers for Auto Recloser
Low cost substation automation with MMI/Remote Communication System 
Power System Simulation as design support for the products 

Major Facility:
Single and Three-Phase Automatic Relay Test System for testing various relays

Plant Dynamics and Simulation

The laboratory possesses expertise in mathematical modeling of systems, control system design and tuning, power plant performance diagnostics and optimization and development of Power Plant Training Simulators and Dynamic Simulation studies and Closed Loop Testing of Analog Control Panels. Modelling and development of artificial neural networks and computer networking are the other activities of the laboratory.
In order to harness the expertise and strength in the areas of power plant modelling, a Centre of Excellence for Simulators has been established by the laboratory.

Major Achievements:
Development of Performance Analysis, Diagnostics and Optimisation (PADO) package for power plants  
Application of Neuro-fuzzy technology to boiler controls 
Development of Merit Order Rating System software for optimum operation of conventional/combined cycle power plants
Automatic Plant Start-up/Shut-down System Simulation 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development and supply of CRT-based full-scope Simulator, and Steam and Water Chemistry Diagnostics System for Simhadri TPS   
PADO Interface to Boiler Flame Analysis System and Acoustic Pyrometer for Simhadri TPS   
Stability Analysis of 500 MW Steam Turbine

Applied Automation Laboratory 

The laboratory, created in the year 2002, is involved in design, development and application of Advanced Control Systems like Static Variable Control, Adaptive Control, Fuzzy Logic Control and Artificial Neural Nets. Investigation and optimization of control loops in thermal power plants are also carried out. 

Major Achievements:
Design and implementation of Model Control Room with Gigabit Network and Large Video Screens 
Design and development of Integrated Engineering Tool for “OMEGA”  
Distributed Control System (DCS) 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of New-Generation Control and Instrumentation (C&I) Platform  

Major Facilities/Software:
Control Loop Test Facility 
Large Video Screens 
Gigabit LAN with Layer-3 Intelligent Switches 
“ MATLAB ” Version 6.0
“ ISaGRAF-PRO 4.1”  

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