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Heat Transfer Laboratory 

The laboratory is engaged in development of Dynamic Braking Resistors and Main Starting Resistors for AC Locomotives, development and performance evaluation of Heat Sinks, Ventilation and Heat Transfer studies of Electrical Machines, development of Heat Pipe based products and testing and evaluation of different types of Heat Exchangers.

Major Achievements:
Dynamic Braking Resistors for 25 kV AC Traction 
Design Methodology for Temperature-Rise Calculation for 200 MW and 500 MW Turbogenerators 
Methodology for RLA of Hydro Power Plants 
Heat Sinks for Rectifiers for Aluminum Industry 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of Main Starting Resistor  
Roof-Mounted Naturally-Cooled DBRs for Superfast Locomotives   
Development of DBRs for GE-9 type Locomotives    
Development of DBRs for GM-type Indian Locomotive 
Development of Heat Pipe based Generator Cooler 
Hydrogenerator Slot Model Studies for design optimisation of Stator Slot Wedges 

Major Facilities:
High Speed Tunnel for Model Studies and Calibration of Velocity and Flow Measurement Probes  
Test Rig for testing Heat Exchangers   
High Vacuum System for development of Heat Pipes Heat Sink

Workshop/Prototype Development

The Workshop is equipped with facilities required for manufacture of components and sub-assembles of R&D prototypes. Major contributions of Workshop include machining and fabrication of components for projects like 55 kW and 200 kW Wind Electric Generators, 36 kV and 145 kV GIS prototypes, Super-conducting Generator and 3-D Steam Turbine Blades.

Major Facilities:
CNC Vertical Milling Centre  
Centre Lathe of 200 mm dia 1500 mm length 
Centre Lathe of 260 mm dia, 1500 mm length 
Milling Machines 
Electro Discharge Machining System

Technology Development Laboratory

This Lab is engaged in development of new products and processes for factory automation towards achieving higher productivity, quality and establishing in-house capabilities. The activities include development of 3 & 5 Axes CNC Part programs, Indigenisation of Turbine Blades, CAD-CAM-CNC-CAI interfacing with PC-based controllers and development of non-traditional machining techniques. The lab is in the process of setting up a Robotics & Automation Centre for development and marketing of Robots for various new applications.

Major Achievements:
Development of Automated Storage and Retrieval system (ASRS) 
Development of FMS ( Please Expand) Controller as a part of Area Manager 
Development of 5.5 m2 module hollow Banana Blade 
Development of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for shop floor material handling  

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of Banana Blades for 10 m2 Turbine Module  
Development of Stacker AGV for automated material handling in low-roof sheds   
Development of 1st Stage Guide Blade of V94.2 Gas Turbine    
Development of 5-Axis CNC program for machining of Francis Runner Blade     
Development of Shaped Tube Pulse Electro Chemical Machine (STPECM) for drilling deep micro cooling holes in Gas Turbine Buckets     

Structural Dynamics Group

The group is engaged in static and dynamic analysis of power plant equipment, structure and piping, weight optimization studies, and seismic quantification of wide variety of equipment like turbine-generators, circuit breakers and heat exchangers. In addition, analysis of foundation of large-rated sets and RLA studies are also carried out by the group. 

Major Achievements:
Weight Optimization of 250 MW boiler support structure 
Creep Analysis of piping systems RLA  
Analysis of HRSG duct and support structure 
Parametric Design and Optimization of cyclone separator
Seismic Analysis of control panel (for BHEL Electronics Division, Bangalore) and 1200 kVA and 1800 kVA Dry Type Transformers (for BHEL, Jhansi)  

Major Ongoing Projects:
Seismic Analysis of piping network for nuclear power plant  
Design Analysis and Optimization of air pre-heater structure  

Machine Dynamics Laboratory 

Major activities of the laboratory include Vibro-acoustic measurement and analysis of Rotating Machines using advanced instruments and software packages, Rotor Dynamics studies and Structural Characterization for new designs and Bearing design analysis/performance improvement. The laboratory also undertakes calibration of vibration transducers through NABL accredited facilities. 

Major Achievements:
Rotor dynamic analysis and design review of NG-BEL-405 Type Compressor  
Vibration analysis and design modification of generator
Design of Thrust and Journal Bearings for 6 MW Vertical Motor of Nuclear Power Plant 
Development of PTFE-based Composite Thrust Bearing Pads for Hydrogenerators 
Design of Low Noise Steam Throw Device for 500 MW Turbines 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Evaluation of Support Structures for Large Steam Turbine-Generator Sets by Dynamic Testing  

Major Facilities:
Multi-channel Signal Analysis Systems 
Acoustic Analyser 
FFT Analysers 
Laser Torsional Vibration Transducer  
Laser Velocity Probe  
Calibration Facility for Accelerometers and Velocity Probes  
Software for Modelling, Structural Analysis, Rotor Dynamics Studies and Unbalance 
Response Analysis (" ANSYS 5.5 ", " Star Software ", " IDEAS 8 ", " PRO-E " and " ARMD ") 
Software for Transient Analysis and Data Transfer (" Polymate " and " DVF-3 ") 

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