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Design Analysis and Value Engineering Group

Major activities of the group include Stress Analysis, Modal Analysis and Thermal Analysis aimed at development of new designs (concept to prototype), design validation, assessment of deviation and failure analysis. Other specialized functions of the group are Residual Life Assessment of power plant components and Value Engineering. Types of analyses include Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Non-linear Analysis for Plasticity and Creep. While the "ANSYS" software is used for the analyses, the Group also develops "Fortran" and "Excel" based programs to enhance the utility of "ANSYS".

Major Achievements:
Stress Analysis of Terminal Box Housing for Flame-proof Motors  
Development of Parametric Program for design of roof of Electro Static Precipitator  
Weight reduction of 500 MW Turbogenerator Winding Support Ring 
Residual Life Assessment of 500 MW and 210 MW Steam Turbine Components 

Major Ongoing Activities:
Electro-plastic analysis for estimation of elastic spring back in the process of cold working  
Stress and deflection analysis of transformer tanks 
Stress analysis of transformer winding and support structure under short circuit forces 
Development of interface program in "ANSYS" for thermo-elasto plastic and creep analysis for RLA studies

Experimental Mechanics Laboratory 

The laboratory applies sophisticated techniques for measurement and analysis of stress/strain and deformation to facilitate new product development, design optimization, weight reduction and failure analysis. Development of special transducers, development of Telemetry Instrumentation for blade vibration monitoring and application of Rapid Prototyping are some of the other specialized functions of the laboratory.

Major Achievements:
Design verification of turbine supplied to Shamnur Sugar  
Measurements on LP spool of Kaveri engine for LCA  
Measurements on bowl mills and tube mills  
Development of tool condition monitoring system  
Evaluation of locomotive frame and magnet frame of diesel loco 
Measurements on ID fan at Parli TPS 
Design evaluation of overhead cranes 
Measurements on mast of oil rigs
Design verification of water box 
Development of special coupling for testing of traction motors 
Residual stress measurement on welded structures 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Design, manufacturing and testing of a new design variant for 25th stage blade for wide-frequency operation  
Development of a method for measurement of thrust on large thrust bearings 
Development of fibre-optic strain and temperature measurement techniques  
Development of new-series turbines 
Development of online blade condition monitoring 
System analysis and tests on 236 MW nuclear turbine 

Special Projects Group

The group is involved in multi-disciplinary projects in the fields of thermal and hydraulic engineering, projects related to the indigenous development of systems and components meant for classified applications and development of indigenous special-purpose software. The group has designed and developed power plant condensers, heaters, air- cooled heat exchangers, steam generators, HRSGs and pumps for power plants and special applications.

Major Achievements:
High Speed Compact Pump-Motor Unit for RCS of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)  
Thermal Management System for TUSKER 
Condenser Tube Nest Layouts 
Pressure Transient Studies for analyzing the piping network (both steam & water) for pressure surges 

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of Boiler Feed Pump Hydraulics for improved efficiency  
Transient Analysis of Mejia 210 MW cooling water piping    
Performance Testing of industrial condenser    

Major Facilities/Software :
Agile Engineering Design System Software  
Computer Codes for Transients Analysis of piping systems     
Computer Code for Thermal Design of transformers 
Computer Code for Design of air-cooled heat exchangers 

Fracture Mechanics Laboratory

The laboratory’s core strength is in areas of prevention of failure by fracture of components in service and life estimation. With advanced expertise in Computational Methods in Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue, Stress Analysis, the Finite Element Method, and availability of a computer controlled 180 T Static and 150 T Dynamic Bi-axial Component Test System, the laboratory is in a unique position to handle any problems in Life Prediction, Fatigue and Fracture Prevention.
The laboratory has diversified into the areas of Reliability Engineering, as well as Tribology and Mechanical Design. With the help of the laboratory’s diverse resources and facilities in sister labs, it is now possible to provide total design solutions, from conception to testing of prototypes, and ensuring safety and reliability of components. 

Major Achievements:
Proof load Testing of Bowl Mill Hub prototype  
Proof load Testing of switchgear  
Fatigue load Testing of prototype Header – Tube nipple joints at Elevated Temperature above 450° C  
Residual Life Assessment studies 
Hydro turbine components including runners like 6X160 MW Dehar HPS, 3x17 MW Dhalipur HPS , 3x11 MW Dhakrani HPS 
Oil rig structures      
Steam and gas turbine rotors (of different frames)  
Turbo generator rotors for the electrical faults (210 MW) 
Design of combined thrust-cum-guide bearing for CF Pump  

Major Ongoing Projects:
Fatigue Life Studies of Critical Nozzles of 500 MW Moisture Separator Re-heaters (MSR)  
Gear Box Design Analysis 
Bearing Analysis
Design of Control Fluid Pump (for electro-hydraulic generator) for Steam Turbines for BHEL, Haridwar 
Reliability Engineering 
Probabilistic Approach to Life Estimation 

Turbomachinery Laboratory 

The laboratory specializes in aerodynamic investigations on Steam Turbines, Compressors, Fans, Blowers and other associated products dealing with fluid flow. Apart from developing products like fans and rotary blowers, the laboratory contributes to performance improvements of turbo-machinery products through innovative design changes and carries out aerodynamics contribution using probes and nozzles. It consists of NABL accredited facilities as per national and international standards. 

Major Achievements:
6000 Nm3 /hr CFBC Blower   
Efficiency improvement of Compressor using LSD Vaned Diffusers 
Design support to BHEL-Ramachandrapuram for new-design Steam Turbines of 19-25 MW and 24-31 MW ratings  
3.2 M2 Area Axial Exhaust Hood for Steam Turbines  

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of 8 MW High Speed Impulse Turbine   
Design, development and field trials on 2000 Nm3/hr CFBC Blowers   
Development of Low Solidity Vaned Diffuser for F-type Compressor Stage 
Development of Improved Control Stage for Industrial Steam Turbines (Phase-1)  

Major Facilities:
Closed Circuit Test Facility for testing of Turbine Blade Profiles  
Variable Density Cascade Tunnel for evaluation of Blade Profiles 
Model Turbine Test Rig 
Open Circuit Air Facility   
Fan Test Rigs (for PA Fan, FD Fan and Axial Fan) 
Blow-Down type High-Speed Tunnel  
Test Rig for studies on Compressor Diffusers  

Computational Fluid Dynamics Group  

The major activities of the CFD Group include Performance Computation of existing and new designs, in terms of efficiency, power, pressure/head rise and investigation of flow related problems in existing products (such as stall, efficiency drop and component failure). CFD studies utilising well proven advanced software are also aimed at OEM designs of products like Steam Turbines, Hydro Turbines, Compressor, Pumps and Fans and reducing experimentation runs and number of prototypes resulting in reduced overall development time.

Major Achievements:
3-D Slr Blade 
CFD Modelling of HRSG Superheater for Flow Equalisation  

Major Ongoing Projects:
CFD Analysis of BCL-408 HP Compressor for performance improvements    
Flow analysis of K-30 Kaplan Turbine components 
CFD Analysis of Electro Static Precipitator 
CFD Modelling for Furnace Performance of Vindhyachal 500 MW Motor  

Major Facilities/Software:
" TASC FLOW " Software   
" Fluent CFD " Software 

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