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Field Support Services 

The group, established in 2002, caters to the need of Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) of the main and auxiliary equipment of thermal, hydro and gas-based power plants. Services such as RLA of major equipment like steam turbines, hydro turbines, thermal and hydro generators, condensers, transformers and other auxiliary equipment are offered. State-of-the-art facilities, equipment and computational facilities available in different laboratories of the Corporate R&D Division are utilized in carrying out the multi-disciplinary and diverse work related to RLA.

Expertise Available:
Extensive non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques required for RLA
Ventilation and cooling studies on generators
Vibration, noise, and natural frequency tests
Transformer oil and paper analysis for RLA
Fracture mechanics based RLA
In-situ metallographic replication 
Special FEM-based techniques for creep and fatigue life expenditure assessment 
Borosonic examination of rotor bores 
In-situ NDT of end-retaining rings

Major Achievements:
Complete RLA of 210 and 500 MW thermal power plants
Complete RLA of hydro power plants of different ratings

Failure Analysis Group

The group is involved in analysis and troubleshooting of problems like vibration, noise and wear at site and during testing at plants. The group has also developed condition monitoring systems and devices like Grounding Brush Monitor for solving site problems. Extensive data bank on site problems is also maintained by the group.

Expertise Available:
Vibration Measurement and Analysis 
Rotor Dynamic Analysis
Noise Measurement and Analysis
Analysis of Wear of Components
Ferrographic Oil Analysis
Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Major Facilities/Software:
Vibration Measurement and Analysis Equipment 
Automated Diagnostics of Rotating Equipment
Single/Dual Channel FFT Analyser and Measurement System (Schnek, Bruel & Kjaer, IRD, Onosokki and Bently Nevada makes)
Multi-channel Instrumentation Tape Recorder
Noise Measurement and Analysis Equipment
Pulse System (Bruel & Kjaer make)
Noise Level Meter (Bruel & Kjaer and Onosokki makes)
Hammer Kit for Natural Frequency Test
Optical Microscope for Bearing Failure Analysis
Shock Pulse Meter for Rolling Bearing Fault Detection and Vacuum Leak Detection
Rotor Dynamics Software
  " ARMD " – Flexural and Torsion 
  " TM50 " – Flexural 
  " Trotas " – Torsion 
Combined Flexural and Torsion suited for Multi-gear System
Dynamic Analysis Software " ANSYS "
Modelling Software " IDEAS ” 

Virtual Prototyping/Virtual Reality Center

In the present days of competitive industrial environment, the time taken to manufacture a new product at competitive price is a real challenge. In order to meet such challenges, the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) plays a key role in the production of Virtual Prototype (VP) in artificial environment from CAD data without utilising material and manufacturing resources. 

In order to meet such challenges, VP/VR Center has been setup in October 2002 at the Corporate R&D Division with the following objectives

Development of digital prototypes of product models
Performing assembly/disassembly of product models
Development of interactive walkthroughs for product models and power plants

The centre is a centralised facility catering to the needs of all units of BHEL

Major Ongoing Projects:
Development of 3 kW Polymer Electrolyte Membrane(PEM) Fuel Cell stack
Development of 1 kW Alkaline Fuel Cell stack  

Major Facilities:

The centre is equipped with the following hardware:
ONYX 3200 graphics computer equipped with 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM with IR3 graphics engine 
Two numbers of OCTANE 2 workstations with 8 GB RAM each 
Six numbers of SGI330 workstations
BARCO 808s 3-gun stereo projector
Immersive peripherals like HMD, WANDA 3D mouse, Ascension Flock of Birds Tracker, 18-sensor Cyber Glove, Crystal Eyes and Emitters
Denon 3D surround sound system

All the above systems have been interconnected using a gigabit LAN.

The centre is presently equipped with following software:
Division Reality (1 license)
Division Mock-up (2 licenses)
I-deas to Division translator (1 license)
Vis Mock-up (1 license)
Vis Publish (1 license)
Vis Conference (1 license) 
I-deas modeler and assembly on IRIX platform (1 license) 
I-deas artisan series (2 licenses)

Electronic Product Support Group

The group is engaged in design, development and commercialization of electronic products in addition to the maintenance of electronic equipment and systems at the Corporate R&D Division. The group extends need-based servicing support to BHEL plants. The group is equipped with laboratory facilities to carry out the testing of analog and digital electronic systems.

Major Achievements:
Design, development and engineering of Inverter Charger Cards for Solar Lanterns as per specifications laid down by the Union Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES)
Supply of about 87300 Inverter Charger Cards for Solar Lanterns to BHEL’s Component Fabrication Plant (CFP), Rudrapur 
Engineering, testing and supply of 10 nos. of Controllers for 200 kW Wind Electric Generators for Ramagiri Wind Farm
Engineering, testing and supply of six Auto Synchronisers to BHEL, Bhopal 
Active participation during commissioning of 20 tonne Universal Testing Machine at CFFP, at BHEL-Haridwar, and extending subsequent yearly calibration support 
Geared up for engineering, testing and supply of Gravimetric Feeder Controllers

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