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Ultra High Voltage Laboratory 

UHV Laboratory at BHEL is one of the largest electromagnetically screened laboratories in the world and offers the most modern and sophisticated testing facilities for a wide range of transmission equipment and products. The laboratory is designed essentially for comprehensive testing of power transformers and shunt reactors. The impulse test plant and AC high voltage test plants are adequate for test levels appropriate upto 1100 kV transmission systems. The AC power test plant is suitable for performing test on equipment up to 800 kV class with provision of enhancing the capacity in future for conducting tests on 1100 kV equipment. The DC test plant is adequate for test levels suitable up to + 800 kV HVDC transmission systems. 

With the above facility, performance testing of 315 MVA three-phase transformers; 200 MVA single-phase transformers; 80 MVAR shunt reactors for 400 kV AC systems, 315 MVA, + 500 kV DC single-phase converter transformers and 800 kV bushings & CVTs have been satisfactorily established in laboratory.

Offers very low background level during PD and RIV measurements. 
Major test equipment are mobile on air-cushion transport system, thus provides flexibility of placement of test objects and test equipment in the hall with no space constraint up to the highest test voltages.
Main features of the Test hall
Internal clear dimensions of 67 m (L) x 35 m (W) x 35 m (H)
All double wall GI construction with electrical continuity, false roofing and embedded earth copper mesh provides a complete Faraday cage (electromagnetic shielding).
Acoustic attenuation with reverberation time of 3 to 3.5 seconds in the desired frequency range.
Low impedance grounding system.
Special floor for smooth air-cushion transport.
Air cooling and ventilation system to control ambient variations during temperature rise test.
Discharge-free halogen lamps for illumination.
Allied areas
A pollution test chamber measuring 15m (L) x 15m (W) x 20m (H) is located adjacent to the main test hall for conducting wet and pollution tests. Voltage to the test object in the pollution chamber is applied for the main test hall through a 750 kV wall bushing.
On the southern side of the main hall, a transformer and reactor room houses interposing testing transformers, reactors and measuring current & voltage transformers for power frequency tests.
A 100 MW Ar, 156kV, 3-phase capacitor bank with provision for augmentation unto 120 MVAr, installed outdoors, enables conducting of load loss measurement and temperature-rise test on transformers and reactors.
Apart from the main hall, an open test are has been left for the future, when it will be necessary to conduct testing at higher test voltages.


Impedance, loss and temperature rise tests
Separate source voltage withstand test Induced over voltage withstand test
Partial discharge measurements
Lightning impulse full and chopped wave tests
Switching impulse tests, Other Routine and Type Tests
Special Test on Reactors
Vibration and stress measurement.
Measurement magnetization characteristics.


Long duration DC voltage test DC polarity reversal test with partial discharge measurement
Temperature rise test with DC voltage supply
Lightning & switching impulse tests
AC power frequency test
Loss measurement.


Tan-delta & Capacitance measurements
Partial discharge & RIV measurements
Dry and wet power frequency dielectric tests
Lightning and wet switching impulse tests
Thermal stability test
Dielectric tests with DC application, Snap back test


Partial discharge and RIV measurements
Dry and wet power frequency dielectric tests
Lightning and switching impulse tests
Transient & Ferro-resonance tests
Fast transient test.

Impulse Voltage
4.0 Million-volt, 400 kWs Impulse generator
500 Kilo-volt, 15 kWs impulse generator
3.6 Million-volt, 400 pF Impulse voltage divider
3.0 Million-volt Multiple chopping gap

AC Voltage
1.5 Million-volt, 1A Cascade test transformer
1.5 Million-volt, 200 pF AC voltage divider 
1.0 Million-volt, 1000 pF Coupling capacitor

DC Voltage
1.2 Million-volt, 30 mA DC voltage generator
1.2 Million-volt, 1250 pF, 2400 m DC voltage divider

Power Sources
40 MVA, 0-11 kV, 50Hz, 3-phase MG set
9 MVA, 0-11 kV, 50-200 Hz, 3-phase MG set
7 MVA, 0-11 kV, 50 Hz, 3-phase MG set
2 MVA, 0-11 kV, 30-180 Hz, 3-phase MG set
2000 amps, 1200 volts DC power source.

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