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ISG offers turnkey electrics for various industrial plants. The following equipment form part of the electrics.
H.T. Switchgear, Circuit Breaker, Isolators, Load Break Switches upto 132 kV.
H.T. Transformers Oil Cooled and Dry Type for Distribution & Thyristor applications.
Control & Relay Panel forH.T. Switchgear.
L.T. Power Distribution Boards & Power Control Centres.
H.T. / L.T. Busducts.
H.T. AC Motors.
L.T. AC Motors.
H.T. Motor Starters and Control Centres.
L.T. Motor Control Centres & Soft starters.
Slip Ring Motor Controls.
Programmable Logic Controllers.
Operator Control Pulpits, Control Desks, Control Posts & Local Control Stations.
H.T. Power Cables.
L.T. Power, Control & Screened signal cables.
Battery & Battery Charger equipment.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
Cable Trays, Tray supports, cable accessories, earthing equipment, conduits etc.

System offered

  DC Drives
  AC Drives
  DC High Current Rectifiers
  Automation Systems
  Mining & Material Handling
  Reactive Power
  Power Systems
  Diesel Power Plants
  Plant Auxiliary Systems
  Pumping Stations
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DC Drives

ISG is the pioneer and leader in the DC Drive technology with an enviable record of past supplies. With its expertise in conventional drive principles, combined with state-of-the-art digital drives, ISG offers one of the best solutions in the market to suit the specific requirements of the industry.

DC Main Motors from 100 KW to 19000 KW for general purpose and rolling mill duties and auxiliary motors from 3.7 KW to 190 KW at 230V DC as per AISE 800 series Mill Duty Standards, are supplied from BHEL, Hardwar.

ISG has engineered and supplied Thyristor Converters from BHEL, Electronics Division at Bangalore. The ratings of converters range from 220 V, 50 A to large ratings of 1200 V, 30 kA, in all configurations: viz., 3 Pulse, 6 Pulse, and 12 Pulse bridges. These are supplied with microprocessor based fully configurable and programmable Digital Regulation systems for all drive applications.

ISG in the past has supplied the following large rating Drive systems:

1 Set of 4 kA converters, 2 sets of 7 kA converters and 1 set of 10 kA converter to Rourkela Steel Plant for their Hot Strip Mill Modernisation project.
2 Nos. of 4500 KW drive systems and 2 Nos. 3500 KW drive system with motors and converters for Salem Steel Plant's Hot Rolling Steckel Mill.
2 Nos. of 7 MW converters and 1 No. of 1.8 MW converter for Bhilai Steel Plant's Rail & Structural Mill modernization.
2 Sets of 20.5 kA converters for 8 MW motor of Bhilai Steel Plant's Blooming Mill capacity upgradation.
2 Nos. of 30 kA converters for 6.7 MW Slabbing Mill motor for Bokaro Steel Plant.
All the other necessary equipment for the drives systems like, H.T. / L.T. Switchgears, Converter & Distribution Transformers, AC / DC Reactors, High Speed Circuit Breakers, Distribution boards, Power Control Centers (PCCs) and Motor Control Centres (MCCs), Control Desks, Posts , etc are engineered and supplied by ISG.


AC Drives

Large AC Drives for Energy saving application :

AC Drives of various ratings ranging upto 15000 KW, 11 KV can be offered by ISG for AC Induction Motor and Synchronous motor controls in the energy saving applications. This includes the Gate Turn Off (GTO) device based Curent Source Inverters for Induction Motor Drives (IMDs) and SCR based Load Commutated Inverters (LCI) for AC Synchronous Motor Drives, based on technology from General Electric, USA.

The AC Motors, both Synchronous and Induction motors, required for this application upto 15000 KW and 11 KV can be offered from our Bhopal / Hardwar plants. Flameproof motors upto 5000 KW, 6.6 kV can also be offered.

These drives are used extensively in the Energy Saving Applications viz., Fans, Blowers and Pumps where the damper / valve control is used to regulate the flow.

ISG can undertake system study and energy audit in these fields to offer an optimum solution to the industry and furnish the techno-economic reports.
PWM VVVF / Vector Controlled AC Drives:

ISG can offer Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Voltage Source, Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) inverters for Metal industry drive applications. These drives, with state-of-the-art Vector Control technology, offers distinct advantages over the DC Drive system viz., reduced motor maintenance, smaller motor, higher top speed, energy saving etc.

These drives upto 1000 KW and 660 V can be supplied by ISG using Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) stacks and suitable for DC Bus or AC incoming supply.

Higher rating AC Drives can also be supplied against specific requirements.

The complete drive package offered includes, AC-DC Converter for Common DC Bus or individual drives, Transformers, Reactors, Switchgear and other items.


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