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ISG offers Plant Instrumentation System for various industries which include the following instruments, field equipment and sensors.
Single & Multi-loop controllers for process instrumentation and control.
Temperature sensors.
Limit switches, Rotary Cam Switches, Proximity Switches.
Control & Servo Valves with amplifiers.
Thickness Gauges.
Load Cells.
Various types of gauges.
Level switches and detectors.
Thermistors, RTDs and Thermocouples.
Speed Sensors, Encoders, Tachogenerators & Resolvers.
Batch Controllers.
Indicators and meters.

System offered

  DC Drives
  AC Drives
  DC High Current Rectifiers
  Automation Systems
  Mining & Material Handling
  Reactive Power
  Power Systems
  Diesel Power Plants
  Plant Auxiliary Systems
  Pumping Stations
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Mining & Material Handling

Apart from conventional Electrics, ISG offers the following equipment and systems specific to the needs of the Mining and Material Handling industry. ISG is the largest supplier of electrics on turnkey basis to various mines and material handling plants all over India. 

Mine Winders
ISG offers DC Mine Winders with special DC Motors made by Hardwar Plant with Overhung design. These winders will have the following state-of-the-art features.
Thyristor Converters with Speed and Position Control for jerkless stopping at the preselected landing.
Accurate stopping of the winder / cage within +/- 5 cms irrespective of the Shaft Depth. 
PLC for sequential interlocking. 
Digital microprocessor based Mine Winder Controller for continuous surpervision of winding cycle and protection in case of emergencies. 
Static audio / visual shaft signalling system.
Data logging facility.
Fault Annunciation system.
Power Factor improvement equipment

ISG can also supply AC Mine winders with Slip Ring Induction motors and varying the speed by rotor resistance control. DC Injection braking through Thyristor Converter is provided for stopping. Automatic retardation & position control is also achieved.

ISG also undertakes the complete supply of electrics, instrumentation and automation on turnkey / EPC basis for Coal, Ash and Ore handling plants, Draglines, Washeries and Open cast mines. 

The scope includes the Electrics and other special equipment like, Mobile switch units for supply of power to shiftable conveyor drive head stations, Crushers, Spreaders, Tripper Cars and Dewatering pumps and other utilities.

Electrical Equipment for Crushing Plants, Tripper cars and Spreaders.

Field devices, Vulcanizing Panels, Illumination equipment, Operator Desks etc. for the above. 

Special design, safety features and PLC control for this arduous mining duty and trouble free operation. 


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