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 Reactive Power Compensation Systems

Two decades of experience in the engineering and supply of the Reactive Power Compensation systems gives ISG, a leading edge in this field. ISG has the capability to undertake the harmonic and reactive power measurements at site upto 33kV and offer total solutions on turnkey basis in supplying the Power Factor Improvement and Harmonic Suppression.

The application of this system is to improve the Quality of Power available to the industry by reducing the voltage variations, improving the power factor, reducing the voltage flicker and improving the transient stability of the power system.

ISG has supplied Harmonic Suppression Filter banks and Power Factor improvement Capacitor banks upto 100 MVAr, 33 kV to metal industry applications, viz., Furnaces & Rolling Mills.

The scope and supply in the range include Thyristor Valves and cooling system, Thyristor Controlled Reactors, Capacitor banks, Tuned Filter Banks, Digital microprocessor control system and associated H.T. and L.T. Switchgear.

System offered

  DC Drives
  AC Drives
  DC High Current Rectifiers
  Automation Systems
  Mining & Material Handling
  Reactive Power
  Power Systems
  Diesel Power Plants
  Plant Auxiliary Systems
  Pumping Stations
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Individual thyristor devices upto 2500 A and 6500 V are assembled for the required ratings. Air cooled Thyristor valves upto 10 MVAr and water cooled for above 10 MVAr are used.

The features of the control equipment include Voltage Control, Reactive Power Control , Symmetrical / individual phase compensation, Sequential switching / control of the Filter and capacitor banks, Flicker control and current balancing.

Power Systems

As an extension to the main business of BHEL, ISG caters to the need of the industries and utilities for sub-station equipment and switchyards.

Sub-station equipment upto 220 kV including the civil works are engineered and supplied by ISG.

For the sub-station and switchyard equipment, ISG offers turnkey solutions with following equipment & engineering.
H.T. Transformers.
H.T. Switchgear viz., Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breakers, Outdoor & Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Isolators etc.
Lightning and Surge arrestors.
High Voltage Current Transformers (CTs) and Voltage Transformers (PTs).
Control & Relay panels.
Steel Structures, Insulators, Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR) and other associated hardware.
Civil works.
Earthing equipment.
H.T. & L.T. Power cables and Control cables.
Cable Trays, Supports, conduits and other cable accessories.
Battery & Battery charger equipment.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).
Auxiliary systems viz., Fire fighting & protection systems, ventilation systems, illumination and carrier communication systems

ISG's strength in executing these large contracts lies in its vastly experienced design engineers in Power Systems, Relay & Protection systems and SCADA systems and, Erection & Commissioning engineers.


Diesel Power Plants

Diesel Power Plants BHEL being one of the largest power plant suppliers in the world, also caters to the industries' Captive Power requirment through Diesel Power Plants.

The electrical equipment strength of BHEL combined with civil and mechanical engineering strengths and choice of leading Diesel Engines available in the market offers an ideal solution to the needs of the industries. 

The Diesel Generator sets alongwith associated electrics are engineered and supplied by ISG for various industries for general power generation, as combined / co-generation cycle plant and for emergency power generation. 

BHEL supplies from 1500 KW to 20,000 KW Diesel Generator Sets from 415 V to 11000V. 

The scope of supply include the Diesel Engines, Fuel processing and handling system, Alternator, Excitation system for the alternator, Control system for auto synchronising, load sharing, sequential switching and data logging, H.T. Switchgear, Transformers, Switchyards, L.T. Controlgear and other plant auxiliary systems. 

ISG also undertakes the civil and structural works of the plant along with switchyard and sub-station requirements.

The excitation system offered are Brushless Excitation and Static Excitation systems.

The plant auxiliary system include the Fuel handling and processing system, Water treatment plant, Fire Fighting systems, Lighting systems, Plant & Machine ventilation systems, Closed Circuit TV and inter-communication systems. 


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