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Consultancy & Services

WRI has all the expertise and facilities under one roof to cater to the needs of customers. Customer’s desirous of availing the services can send their enquiries through the Consultancy Enquiry Form. The services offered are listed below:

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Equipment Development
Design, Fabrication, Supply and Commissioning of Special Purpose Welding systems and other custom-built equipments.

Technology Development

Joining methods for similar & dissimilar material combination.
Introduction and adaptation of new processes.
Mechanisation & Automation for welding.
Selection of processes, consumables and techniques to reduce defects.
Solving problems related to joining of reactive and exotic materials.
Overlaying, Cladding and Hardfacing.
Microjoining and Brazing.

Power Source Testing & Evaluation
WRI can offer services to evaluate static & dynamic characteristics of Arc welding power sources using Analysator Hannover. The transient arc voltage and current signals will be statistically evaluated using special software integrated to the Analysator and statistical parameters like standard deviation, variation co-efficient etc. can be evaluated in real time.

Welding Consumable Testing
WRI has been acknowledged by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for qualifying welding consumable. For initial and periodic surveillance qualification of welding consumables manufactured, WRI can offer its services to qualify as per applicable codes and standards such as AWS & BIS.

Management Support Services
For customers desiring to set up new installation and /or modernizing the welding & fabrication facilities, following management support services are offered:

Weld & Quality audit covering Welding Procedure Specification, Procedure Qualification Record, industrial practices, power sources, welding equipments, online monitors, welding consumable, welding personnel, storage & handling, safety, quality control procedures, etc.

Plant layout covering preparation of blue prints of the location of plant & machinery, selection of welding systems, infra-structural facilities, material handling, power requirements, vendor listing & registration, system manuals, etc.

Modernisation to improve productivity and retrofitting of existing welding systems with semi-automatic and automatic equipments.

Repair & Reclamation
Assistance can be provided in rectification and repair of worn-out or cracked components, assessment of the extent of damage & feasibility of repair and recommendation of appropriate weld repair & reclamation procedure. Services for surveillance during repair at site and if necessary, the repair can also be carried out.

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
All critical pressure vessel and structural fabrications call for usage of WPS as per applicable codes such as ASME, AWS, API etc. In this connection WRI can assist in the development and qualification of WPS.

Residual Life Assessment (RLA) of Power Plants and Process Industry Components
In view of the prohibitively high cost of setting up new installations, Residual Life Assessment for extending the operating period of aged Power & Process plants has now become a mandatory requirement. WRI has all the expertise to carry out Non Destructive and In-situ metallographic examination and assess the extent of damage. After detailed analysis, recommendations will be furnished to the customer for further follow up actions like extended usage, replacement, repair, etc

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