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Research & Development

International Collaboration
Over the years WRI has been constantly endeavouring to have technical interaction with leading institutions worldwide in welding and allied fields. Collaboration with

Paton Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
Welding Research Institute, Bratislava
Japan Welding Research Institute, Osaka, Japan
German organisation for Technical co-operation(GTZ), Eschbon, Germany

led to the development of expertise on the state-of-the art Fusion and Solid State Welding technology.

WRI-GTZ collaborative programme (1993-2000)

A Memorandum Of Understanding with GTZ, Germany led to a broad based cooperative programme comprising of 11 sub projects involving visit of German experts, training of WRI engineers in German institutions and installation of advanced welding & testing equipments. Areas of research included

Technology development & adaptation
Metallurgical research
Equipment development
Safety and Reliability assurance in welded structures
Welding education
Instrumentation and Controls for quality assurance

Research projects funded by Government of India 
Ministry of Information Technology (MIT) has approved in principle for funding the WRI project “Development of an artificial intelligence based technology for Laser Welding” for a total outlay of Rs.235 lakhs

In-house projects
One of the main objective of the institute is to carry out need based applied research in the field of joining of materials with the aim of increasing productivity, enhancing quality and automation. Following projects are currently in progress:

Weldability evaluation and development of welding procedure for ASTM A335 P92 steel.

Development of image enhancement system for reliable flaw detection in radiography 

Development of pulsed TIG welding procedures and suitable alloy injection techniques 

Development of Electroslag strip cladding technology 

Development of an Artificial Intelligence based technology for LASER welding applications 

Major Projects Completed
To get more information and insight into the projects completed click Major Projects Completed

Electro Gas Welding system for joining steel plates up to 50 mm thickness in single pass.

Low Pressure Plasma Spraying System for hardfacing components with different types of ceramic and metal alloy powders.

Internal Deep Bore Stelliting Machine to carryout stelliting of inner bores using fully automated MIG welding torch.

Feedback Controller for Resistance Spot, Projection and Stud welding to control welding parameters online and to produce 100% reliable weld joint.

Transistorised Power Source for precise control of arc voltage and current and to facilitate automation.

Seam tracking system for welding automation for precise tracking of weld seams to avoid defects due to mis-alignment by guiding the arc in Submerged Arc and MIG welding processes.

Energy saving device to conserve and save energy by reducing idle running time of welding power sources.

Versatile All Position In-situ metallographic polishing Equipment (VAPINE) to obtain high quality polished surfaces of components at site to facilitate extraction of replicas for examination of micro-structures.

Resistance Seam Welding Controller developed for AC type Resistance Seam welding machine. 

Technology established for Metal Powder addition in Tandem Submerged Arc for improved mechanical properties and reduced depth of penetration and dilution

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