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Technology Transfer

Till date 9 Know-How transfers have been effected in the area of welding consumables and welding systems.


Welding Consumables
Carbon Steel electrodes E6013, E7018, E7024, E7018-1 & E 7048
Alloy Steel electrodes E7018A, 8018B2, 9018B3
Stainless Steel electrodes E308, 308L, 309-309L, 316, 316L, 317, 347, 410 & 430
Hardfacing electrodes Special hardfacing electrode for sugar and cement industries for a variety of hardness ranging from
250 - 650 Vickers Hardness
SAW Fluxes High speed and Narrow Gap welding fluxes
Welding Systems
Electro Gas Welding system
Low Pressure Plasma Spraying System
Internal Deep Bore Stelliting System
Feedback Controller for Resistance Spot, Projection and Seam welding
Transistorised Power Source
Non-contact type Seam tracker for arc welding
Energy saving device
Versatile All Position In-situ metallographic polishing Equipment (VAPINE)
Customers desirous of obtaining Know-How for the above please mail to Head, Welding Research Institute at the email address


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