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Seeking Collaboration in Human Resource Development

BHEL's Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI) has skills in the areas of Management training, Research, Consultancy, Organizational Development and Manpower Planning. Over the years, the institute has acquired proficiency in imparting training to professionals in the field of Strategic management, Contract management, Marketing management, Project management, Human Resource management, Activity based costing, Performance management, Emotional Intelligence, Values Laboratory, Human-process Laboratory, Leadership Development, Team Building, Trainer Development, and other functional and behavioral areas of management.

The institute has acquired core competency in consultancy services specifically in the field of Contract management, Performance management, Human Resource management and Organization Development, and being an experimentation ground for innovations in Human Resource management, has set a number of benchmarks. Further, in order to enable the Human Resource Development strategies and interventions to extend more support to enhance the self-renewal capability of individuals and to optimize the use of emerging information techniques in management, initiatives have been taken to constitute three areas of excellence viz.

Business development

Organization development

Technology development

BHEL's Human Resource Development Institute, with its standing of a respectable centre of learning, seeks collaboration in the above activities with other Management Institutes and in-house Human Resource Development institutes of national and international repute with a prime objective of mutually sharing the resources and expertise for competency building in various areas by jointly conducting training programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences, consultancy, action research, case-study development and academic activities to achieve greater heights. 

The main focus of such collaborative ventures would be to bridge the gaps and overcome the barriers, which are likely to emerge in the turbulent future. 

BHEL's Human Resource Development Institute is extending its invitation and intends to collaborate with leading Management Institutes and in-house Human Resource Development Institutes in India and abroad to identify and work together on new frontiers of Human Resource Development. 


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