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Established in the late 50’s, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is, today, a name to reckon with in the industrial world. It is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise of its kind in India and one of the leading international companies in the power field. BHEL offers over 180 products and provides systems and services to meet the needs of core sectors like: power, transmission, industry, transportation, oil & gas, non-conventional energy sources and telecommunication. A wide-spread network comprising 15 manufacturing divisions, 8 service centres, 4 power sector regional centres, 18 regional offices, besides a large number of project sites spread all over India and abroad, enables BHEL to be close to its customers and cater to their specialised needs with total solutions - efficiently and economically. An ISO 9000 certification has given the company international recognition for its commitment towards quality. With an export presence in more than 70 countries, BHEL is truly India’s industrial ambassador to the world.


This list is intended as a general guide and does not represent all of BHEL's products and systems. For more details


Steam turbines and generators of up to 500MW capacity for utility and combined-cycle applications; capability to manufacture steam turbines with super critical steam cycle parameters and matching generator up to 1000 MW unit size.

Steam turbines for CPP applications; capability to manufacture condensing, extraction, back pressure, injection or any combination of these types.


Gas turbines of up to 260MW (ISO) rating.

Gas turbine based co-generation and combined-cycle systems for industry and utility applications.


Custom-built conventional hydro turbines of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton types with matching generators, pump turbines with matching motor-generators.

Mini/micro hydro sets.

Spherical, butterfly and rotary valves and auxiliaries for hydro station


HSD, LDO, FO, LSHS, natural-gas/biogas based diesel power plants, unit rating up to 20MW and voltage up to 11kV, for emergency, peaking as well as base load operations on turnkey basis.


Industrial turbo-sets of ratings from 1.5 to 120MW.

Gas turbines land matching generators ranging from 3 to 260MW (ISO) rating.

Industrial stream turbines and gas turbines for drive applications and co-generation applications.


Steam generators for utilities, ranging from 30 to 500MW capacity, using coal, lignite, oil, natural gas or a combination of these fuels: capability to manufacture boilers with super critical parameters up to 1000 MW unit size.

Steam generators for industrial applications, ranging from 40 to 450t/hour capacity using coal, natural gas, industrial gases, biomass, lignite, oil, bagasse or a combination of these fuels.

Pulverized fuel fired boilers.

Stoker boilers.

Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion boilers.

Circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers.

Waste heat recovery boilers.

Chemical recovery boilers for paper industry, ranging from capacity of 100 to 1000 t/day of dry solids.

Pressure vessels.


Axial reaction fans of single stage and double stage for clean air application, with capacity ranging from 25 to 800m3/s and pressure ranging from 120 to 1,480 m of gas column.
Axial impulse fans for both clean air and flue gas applications, with capacity ranging from 7 to 600m3/s and pressure up to 700 m of gas column.
Single and double-suction radial fans for clean air and dust-laden hot gases applications up to 400oC, with capacity ranging from 4 to 600m3/s and pressure ranging from 150 to 1,800 m of gas column.
Ljungstrom rotary regenerative air-pre-heaters for boiler and process furnaces.
Large regenerative air-preheaters for utilities of capacity up to 1000 MW.
Gravimetric Feeders
Bowl mills of slow and medium speed of capacity up to 100 t/hour.
Tube mills for pulverizing low-grade coal with high-ash content.
Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Type Fabric Filters (Bag Filters)
Electrostatic Precipitators
Electrostatic precipitators of any capacity with efficiency up to 99.9% for utility and industrial applications.
Mechanical Separators
Soot Blowers
Long retractable soot blowers (travel up to 12.2m), wall deslaggers, rotary blowers and temperature probes and related control panels operating on pneumatic, electric or manual mode.
Swivel arm type soot blowers for regenerative air-preheaters.
High-pressure and low-pressure bypass valves for utilities.
High and medium-pressure valves, cast and forged steel valves of gate, globe, non-return (swing-check and piston lift-check) types for steam, oil and gas duties up to 600 mm diameter, 250 kg/cm2 pressure and 540oC temperature.
High-capacity safety valves and automatic electrical operated pressure relief valves for set pressure up to 200 kg/cm2 and temperature up to 550oC.
Safety relief valves for applications in power, process and other industries for set pressure up to 175 kg/cm2 and temperature up to 565oC.
Piping Systems, Constant Load Hangers, Clamp and Hanger components, variable Spring hangers for power stations upto 850 MW capacities, combined cycle plants, industrial boilers and process industries. 


CS/AS/SS/Nonferrous shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
Air-cooled heat exchangers.
Surface condensers.
Steam jet air ejectors.
Reactors, drums.
LPG/propane storage bullets.
LPG/propane store mounded vessels.
Feed water heaters.


Pumps for various applications to suit utilities up to a capacity of 660 MW.
Boiler feed pumps (motor or steam turbine driven).
Boiler feed booster pumps.
Condensate pumps.
Circulating water pumps.
Emergency oil pumps.
Lubricating oil pumps.
Standby oil pumps.


Microprocessor-based distributed digital control systems.
Data acquisition systems.
Man-machine interface.
Sub-station controls with SCADA.
Static excitation equipment/automatic voltage regulator.
Electro-hydraulic governor control.
Turbine supervisory system and control.
Furnace safeguard supervisory systems.
Controls for electrostatic precipitators.
Controls for HP/LP bypass valves.


Switchgear of the various types for indoor and outdoor applications and voltage ratings up to 400 kV.
Minimum oil circuit breakers (66K – 132kV).
SF6 circuit breakers (132 kV – 400 kV).
Vacuum circuit breakers (3.3 kV – 33 kV).
Gas insulated switchgears (36 kV).


Bus-ducts with associated equipment to suit generator power output of utilities of up to 500 MW capacity.


Power transformers for voltage up to 400 kV.
HVDC transformers and reactors up to + 500 kV rating.
Series and shunt reactors of up to 400 kV rating.
Instrument transformers:
Current transformers up to 400 kV.
Electro-magnetic voltage transformers up to 220 kV.
Capacitor voltage transformers up to 400 kV.
Cast resin dry type transformers up to 10 MVA 33 kV.
Special transformers: earthing; furnace; rectifier; electrostatic precipitator; freight loco and AC EMU and traction transformers.


  High-tension ceramic insulators.

Disc/suspension insulators for AC/DC applications, ranging from 45 to 400 kn electro-mechanical strength, for clean and pollute atmospheres.
Pin insulators of up to 33 kV.
Post insulators suitable for applications of up to 6 units.
Hollow porcelains of up to 400 kV.
Solid core insulators of 25 kV rating (both porcelain and hybrid) for railways.
Disc insulators for 800 kV AC and HVDC transmission lines (BHEL is the first Indian manufacturer to supply such insulators).


Power capacitors for industrial and power systems of up to 250 kVAr rating for application up to 400 kV.
Coupling/CVT capacitors for voltages up to 400 kV.
Low Tension Thyristor Switched Capacitors (LTTSC) for dynamic power factor correction


Single Phase, Poly Phase and Special-purpose electro-mechanical and electrical meters.


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