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  Product Profile


Steam Generators, Steam Turbines, Turbo Generators along with regenerative feed cycle up to 800 MW capacities for fossil-fuel, and combined-cycle applications, capability to design and manufacture Steam Generators, steam turbines with supercritical steam cycle parameters and matching Turbo Generators of up to 1000 MW unit size.


Condensers, Condensate Extraction Pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Valves and Heat Exchangers meeting above requirement of TG Sets up to 1000 MW.


Steam generator & Turbines and matching Turbo-Generators, Condensers up to 700 MW capacity.

Heat exchangers

Pressure vessel

Reactor vessels


Gas turbines and matching generators ranging from 25 to 292 MW (ISO) rating.

Gas turbine-based co-generation and combined-cycle systems for industry and utility applications.


Custom-built conventional hydro turbines of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton types with matching generators, pump turbines with matching motor-generators upto 300 MW, Bulb turbine with matching generators up to 10 MW

High capacity pumps along with matching motors for Lift Irrigation Schemes (up to 150 MW)

Electro Hydraulic Microprocessor based Digital Governor for conventional turbines

Microprocessor based Digital Controller for lift irrigation schemes

Mini / micro hydro sets with PLC based compact Digital Governor up to 15 MW

Static excitation systems for Hydro generators & motors

Brushless exciter for Hydro generators & motors

Special purpose Motor Generator sets

Spherical (rotary) valves, butterfly valves and auxiliaries for hydro stations


HSD, LDO, FO, LSHS, natural gas based diesel generator power plants, unit rating of up to 20 MW and voltage up to 11 kV, for emergency, peaking as well as base load operations on turnkey basis


Industrial turbo-sets of rating from 7 to 150 MW.

Industrial steam turbines and gas turbines for drive applications and co-generation applications.

Reheat steam turbines and matching generators ranging from 120 to 200 MW captive, utility and combined cycle power plants.


Sophisticated heavy castings and forgings of creep resistant alloy steels, stainless steel and other grades of alloy steels meeting stringent international specifications for components of sub critical, supercritical and ultra super critical technology.


Steam generators for utilities, ranging from 30 to 800 MW capacity, using coal, lignite, oil, natural gas or a combination of these fuels; capability to manufacture boilers with supercritical parameters up to 1000 MW unit size.

Steam generators for industrial applications, ranging from 40 to 450 tonne/hour capacity, using coal, natural gas, industrial gases, biomass, lignite, oil, Bagasse or a combination of these fuels.


Pulverized fuel fired boilers

Stoker boilers

Bubbling fluidized bed combustion (BFBC) boilers.

Circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) boilers up to 250 MW.

Heat-recovery steam generators (HRSG).

Chemical recovery boilers for paper industry, ranging from capacity of 100 to 1000 tonne/day of dry solids.


Axial reaction fans of single stage and double stage for clean air application and dust laden hot gases applications up to 200°C, with capacity ranging from 40 to 1300 m3/s and pressure ranging from 400 to 1,500 mm of water column.
Axial impulse fans for both clean air and flue gas applications up to 200°C, with capacity ranging from 25 to 600 m3/s and pressure up 300 to 700 mm of water column.
Single and double-suction radial fans (plate aerofoil bladed) for clean air and dust laden hot gases applications up to 400°C, with capacity ranging from 4 to 660 m3/s and pressure ranging from 200 to 3000 mm water column.
Tubular Air Preheaters for industrial and utility boilers
Rotary regenerative air-Preheaters for boilers and process furnaces.
Large rotary regenerative air-Preheaters for utilities of capacity up to 800 MW.
Bowl mills of slow and medium speed for coal fired thermal stations with capacity from 18 t / hour to 110 t/ hour catering to 67.5 MW to 800 MW thermal power stations.
Tube mills for pulverizing low-grade coal with high ash content from 30 t/ hour to 110 t/ hour catering to 110 MW to 500 MW thermal power stations.
Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
Electrostatic precipitators of any capacity with outlet emission as low as 17 mg/Nm3 (efficiency up to 99.97%) for utility and industrial applications including Bio mass fired boilers, cement plants, steel plants, soda recovery boilers etc.
Guillotine Gates & Dampers
Guillotine gates with electric / pneumatic actuator. Sizes up to 6m height & 7m width (with split) 100% leak proof with seal air.
Bi-plane dampers with electric actuator. Sizes up to 7 m height & 5 m width. 100% leak proof with seal air.
Louver dampers (Open close / Regulating) with electric / pneumatic actuator. Sizes up to 7m height & 5m width.
Control dampers (Regulating) with pneumatic actuator. Sizes up to 11m height (split construction) & 4.5m width.
Bag Filters for Utility and Industrial applications.
Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems with sea water/ limestone slurry scrubber.
Steel Chimneys for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), Industrial Boilers, auxiliary boilers and other flue gas exhaust applications.
Bowl mills of slow and medium speed of capacity up to 100 t/hour.
Tube mills for pulverizing low-grade coal with high-ash content.
Electrostatic precipitators of any capacity with efficiency up to 99.9% for utility and industrial applications.
Long retractable soot blowers (LRSB) for travel upto12.2m
Furnace temperature probe (FTP) for travel length 6.9m and 8.3m
Long Retractable Non-rotating (LRNR) soot blowers with forward blowing for Air heaters
Ash discharge valve for CFBC boiler application
Soot blowers with integral starters
Soot blower Sequential PLC control panel
Rack type Long Retractable Soot blowers
Wall blowers
Rotary Soot blowers
High and Low-pressure turbines Bypass Valves & hydraulic system for utilities and industrial application
High and medium-pressure Valves, Cast and Forged Steel Valves of Gate, Globe, Non-
Return (Swing-Check and Piston Lift-Check) types for steam, oil and gas duties up to 950 mm diameter, maximum pressure class 4500 (791 kg/cm2) and 650 °C temperature.
Hot re-heat and cold re-heat Isolating Devices up to 900 mm maximum class 1500 and 650°C temperature.
High-capacity Spring Loaded Safety Valves for set pressure up to 372 kg/cm2 and temperature up to 630°C, and automatic electrically operated pressure relief valves for set pressure up to 210 kg/cm2 and temperature up to 593°C. 
Safety relief valves for applications in power, process and other industries for set pressure up to 421 kg/cm2 and temperature up to 537° C.
Reactive cum absorptive type vent Silencers maximum diameter of 2700 mm.
Direct Water Level Gauges
Angle Drain Valves - Single & Multi Stage for Turbine Drain Application
Severe Service Control Valves for RH & SH Spray Lines
Quick Closing Non return Valves for Extraction lines and Cold Reheat Non Return valves, up to 800 mm diameter, 158 kg/cm2 pressure and 540°C temperature.


Power cycle piping, Constant load Hangers, Variable spring Hangers, Hanger components, Low Pressure piping including Circulating Water Piping for power stations up to 1000 MW capacity including Super Critical sets
Piping systems for Nuclear Power Stations, Combined Cycle Power Plants & Industrial boilers and for power plants in Process Industries


Hot-finished and cold-drawn seamless steel tubes with a range varying from outer diameter of 19 to 133 mm and wall thickness of 2 to 14 mm, in carbon steel and low-alloy steels to suit ASTM/API and other international specifications.
Rifled tubes
Spiral finned tubes


Surface Condenser:
236 MW & 700 MW for Nuclear power plants
12.5 MW Marine applications
Industrial Condensers
Feed Water Heaters (HP Heaters, LP Heaters, Drain Coolers etc.)
Thermal -07 to 500 MW (sub-critical) & 300-800 MW (super critical with single stream)
Nuclear 236 MW, 500 MW and 700 MW rating
Moisture Separator & Reheater(MSR):
236 MW, 500 MW & 700 MW Nuclear sets
Live Steam Reheater (LSR):
500 MW FBR Nuclear sets
Auxiliary Heat Exchangers for Turbo and Hydro Generators :
Air Coolers (Frame & Tube Type)
Oil Coolers (Shell & Tube Type and Plug In Type)
Hydrogen Coolers (Frame & Tube Type)
Auxiliary Heat Exchangers for Transformers :
Oil Coolers (Shell & Tube Type Single Tube or Concentric Double Tube Type) (Frame & Tube Type)
Auxiliary Heat Exchangers for General Application
Water - Water Coolers (Shell & Tube Type)
Industrial Heat Exchangers for Refineries, Petro-Chemicals & Fertilizers industries.
Butterfly Valves( Fabricated/ cast body & door)
Flash Tanks for thermal & nuclear sets
Service Tanks, Storage Tanks & Pressure vessels for Thermal, Nuclear sets of all ratings & industrial applications
CS/SS/Non-ferrous shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels (For all applications irrespective of rating)
Air-cooled heat exchangers for GTG upto Fr-9 FE, and Compressor applications of all ratings
Steam jet air ejectors for all condensers upto 150 MW
Deaerators from 7 MW to 800 MW
Gland steam condensers 7 MW to 150 MW
Gas coolers for all possible compressor applications
Oil coolers- STG upto 150 MW, GTG upto Fr-9 F E,
Generator Air coolers upto 150 MW STG and GTG up to 9 FA


Pumps for various applications to suit utilities up to a capacity of 1000 MW.
Boiler feed pumps (motor or steam turbine driven).
Boiler feed booster pumps.
Condensate extraction pumps.
Circulating water pumps. (Also known as-Cooling water Pumps)


Reverse Osmosis (RO) based Desalination Plants for treating Seawater, high Brackish and brackish water for domestic and industrial applications.
Reverse Osmosis based Demineralization (RO-DM) Plants for Power Plant to generate Water for Service / Potable / Boiler Feed Make-up requirements.
Various types of Pre-Treatment (Membrane based / Conventional) Systems to condition raw-water suitable for RO Application.
Sewage & effluent Treatment Plants for water re-use and re-cycling
Operation & Maintenance of plants


Steam Generator/ Boiler Controls
Steam Turbine Controls
Boiler Feed Pump (BFP) Drive Turbine Control
Station Control and Instrumentation/ DCS
Offsite/Off base controls/ Balance of Plant Controls
Ash handling
Coal Handling
Water System
Mill Reject System
Condensate on-line tube cleaning system
Gas Booster Compressor
Hydro Power Plant Control System
Gas Turbine Control System
Nuclear Power Plant Turbine & Secondary Cycle control system
Power block of solar thermal power plant
Industrial Automation
Sub-Station Automation (SAS) and Supervisory Control & data Acquisition System (SCADA)
Electrical Control System (ECS) for Refineries
Energy Management System (EMS) for Power Plant


Excitation system
AC Drive System
Static Starters
Induction Heating Equipment


High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) system
Flexible AC Transmission system (FACTS)
  Fixed series compensation (FCS)/ Thyristor controlled series compensation (TCSC)
  Static VAR Compensation (SVC) System
  Controlled Shunt Reactor (CSR)
  Static Compensator (STATCOM)


Diodes- Ranging from 1400-4400V/250-2000A
Thyristors- Ranging from 1400-7000V/150-4950A
Rotating Diodes for Turbo generators.


Mono/ Multi Crystalline Cells (125 and 156 mm)
Mono/ Multi Crystalline Modules (40 to 300 Wp)
PV Systems: Grid Interactive, Hybrid and stand alone PV power plants
Space grade solar panels
Space Quality Batteries


Integrated Platform Management system (IPMS)
Integrated Bridge System (IBS)
Machinery Control Room (MCR) Simulator
Training Simulator for Vehicles, platforms, radars, weapons, missiles and CBT for all defence and para-military forces
Weapon Fire control system, Avionics, radio communication Products, Electronic warfare system and Early Warning Systems.
Gun control System for Main Battle Tanks (MBT)


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