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About Bhel

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Range:           Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers
Steam Generators
BHEL - Pioneers in AFBC Boiler Technology in India

BHEL is the pioneer in Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion (AFBC) technology - bubbling bed type - in India with a proven track record based on extensive in-house R&D for better utilization of existing energy sources.

BHEL offers customers a wide range of user-friendly AFBC boilers suitable for firing a wide variety of low calorific value fuels.

BHEL has received national recognition in India for this specialised technology.

BHEL AFBC boilers - The R&D advantage 

BHEL's pioneering AFBC technology is backed by extensive testing and development in dedicated R&D facilities including unique in-house installations such as...

  • A 10 ton/hr Prototype AFBC Boiler - in operation since 1977 
  • A 0.4 Million Kcal/h (0.5m x 0.5m) Combustion Facility - in operation since 1979  
  • The BHEL-USAID AFBC Freeboard Test Facility - in operation since 1986

Fuels tested...

  • Various grades of Coal (with Ash content ranging from 26% to 55%)
  • Lignite containing moisture ranging from 14% to 55% and Sulphur content of 0.3% to 2.5% 
  • Washery Middlings & Rejects (Ash content as high as 73%) 
  • Waste Fuels (DRI ash, ESP dust, Spent Liquor, Distillery Sludge, Paper Sludge) 
  • Biomass (Rice husk, Straw, Woodchips, Sawdust, Groundnut shells)

BHEL's dedicated FBC test facilities enable continuous upgradation of technology and the development of bubbling-bed AFBC boilers designed to burn practically any fuel.

BHEL's AFBC Boilers - Unique Design Features

  • Specially developed fuel feeders and feeding system to handle even fuels with high moisture content 
  •  Unique and simple protection feature for bed swept surfaces Innovative oil-fired start-up system, relatively free from manual intervention which ensures trouble-free unit start-up 
  • Simpler operation 
  • Versatility in application

 BHEL AFBC Boilers - Proven track record

  • AFBC Boilers supplied by BHEL are in operation throughout India with capacities ranging from 1.5 ton/hr to 100 ton/hr designed to fire a variety of fuels including lignite, high ash coals, washery rejects, middlings and biomass.
  • BHEL is now executing a contract for 165 ton/hr (180 ton/hr peak
    rating) AFBC boiler - Largest capacity AFBC boiler in India.


BHEL's AFBC Boilers - Advantages 

  • Field proven technology 

  • Fuel Flexibility 
    Low-grade (high ash) and low volatile coals, washery middlings and
    rejects, lignite, industrial wastes like kiln char, ESP dust etc. 

  • Reduced Maintenance 
    Minimum use of refractory significantly reduces boiler    maintenance and spares inventory. 

  • High Efficiency 
    Higher boiler efficiency can be achieved and can be maintained even at part loads. 

  • No soot blowers 
    Low temperature (850C) combustion eliminates fouling and slagging. 

  • Wide turn-down 
    Better turndown can be achieved without the need for
    supplementary firing. 

  • Quick start-up and fast response

Instantaneous fuel combustion due to presence of high ignition energy in the hot bed and uniform distribution of combustion air. 

Fast response to fluctuating load due to the large amount of heat
stored in bed solids (which acts as a
thermal flywheel).

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