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About Bhel

Product:           Boilers
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Range:           Heat Recovery Steam Generators
BHEL HRSGs - World class modular technology 

BHEL manufactures and supplies a wide range of modular-design HRSGs for waste heat recovery applications, with technology back-up from Vogt-Nem, USA. 

BHEL HRSGs are shop assembled in modules and are designed for Unfired or Supplementary-fired operating conditions according to specific customer requirements. 

BHEL HRSGs - A wide range of heat recovery applications 

  • Industrial Co-generation Plants (Oil & Gas, Fertiliser,Cement, Metallurgical,Chemical & other industries) 
  • Combined Cycle Power Stations (Captive / Utility) 
  • Repowering of Thermal Power Plants 
  • Conversion of Open Cycle Gas Turbine / Diesel Engine plants to Co-generation or Combined Cycle Plants 
  • Marine Waste Heat Recovery 
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery 

BHEL HRSGs - Technology highlights 

  • World-class technology 
  • High heat recovery efficiency 
  • Optimised and cost-effective design 
  • Modular and compact construction 
  • Environment-friendly application 
  • Modern manufacturing facilities 
  • Best quality product using sophisticated manufacturing facilities 
  • High availability and reliability 

BHEL HRSGs - Salient features 

  • Modular construction 
  • Multiple pressure steam generation 
  • Rapid start-up and fast response 
  • Supplementary Duct / Furnace firing 
  • Multiple / Combination fuel firing 
  • Automatic changeover of fuels 
  • Standby fresh air firing with FD fan 
  • Automatic changeover from GT to FD fan mode 
  • High efficiency drum internals 
  • Internal insulation 
  • Unheated ducting and stiffeners 
  • Condensate / Make-up water preheater 
  • Microprocessor-based Controls & Instrumentation 
  • Low NOx and CO emission 
  • Fuel flexibility 
  • Uninterrupted steam generation 
  • Easy operation 
  • High Availability and Reliability 
  • Quicker delivery to meet customer requirements 
  • Short installation time
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"BHEL CSR policy as per the new Companies Act, 2013 and The Companies (CSR Policy) Rules, 2014 is under approval and changes w.r.t. approved policy shall be effected soon."
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