This project, owned by Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB), India, links Chandrapur in eastern part of the Maharashtra State, having concentration of major thermal power generation, to Padghe (near Mumbai) in western part of the State with major power demand. This 753 km long link is a bipole of rating 500 kV and 1500 MW. It has been commissioned in 1999. HVDC was the preferred option in this case due to several constraints of right-of-way in expansion of 400 kV transmission network. Additionally, HVDC offered advantage of improved stability, lower transmission losses, no addition to short-circuit level of existing system and better controllability.

This project executed jointly by BHEL with ABB, with both the parties having nearly equal share of supplies of major items like converter transformers, smoothing reactors, AC filter capacitors.

Special features of this project are : fully computerized and duplicated control and protection system; Damping control; Active DC filter; transfer between metallic and ground return without interruption in the power flow; provision of line fault locator and active electrode line supervision; and both optical fibre communication and power line carrier communication for transfer of signals between the two stations. The transmission system can be controlled from either Chandrapur or Padghe stations with a provision to issue select signals from Kalwa (Load Despatch Centre). BHEL has supplied in-house developed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for effective control and monitoring of the HVDC system.


System Ratings

Rated Power

1500 MW

DC Voltage

500 kV

AC System Voltage

Chandrapur 400 kV

Dadri 400 kV

Padghe 400 kV

Overload Capacity low ambient

1650 MW



1650 MW



2000 MW

Maximum Continuous Current

1786 A

Thyristor Valves


Thyristor Size

45 sq. cm.

Valve Type

3 quadruple valves per converter



Converter Transformers


Number in each terminal

6 nos. single-phase 3-winding (+1 spare)

Rated Power

298.6 MVA

Smoothing Reactor

360 mH oil insulated and insulated per pole

AC Filters

4 nos. 200 MVAR in each station