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Empanelment of Experts


  1. EHV & UHV Substations/Switchyard

Experience  of More than four decades for setting up AC Indoor/Outdoor substations /Switchyards up to 765kV for Utilities and Industries on total Turnkey basis Including:

  • Grid Substations.
  • Industrial Receiving Substation.
  • Switchyards for Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power Generating Station.
  • Converter Station and AC Switchyards for HVDC Application.

2. HVDC transmission systems

  • Offers major HVDC transmission products including:
    • Converter Transformers.
    • Thyristor Valves.
    • Filter Capacitors.
    • Shunt Reactors.
  • Supplies made to the following HVDC projects
    • 1500MW,+ 500kV Rihand- Delhi HVDC project.
    • 1500MW,+ 500kV Chandrapur-Padghe HVDC project.
    • 200MW, +  200kV National HVDC Experimental Line.
    • 2500MW, + 500kV Balia-Bhiwadi HVDC Project
  • Currently executing world’s largest Multi terminal HVDC System of rating 6000MW, +800kV to transport power from North-East to Agra.

3. Flexible AC Transmisison Systems(FACTS)  & Smartgrid Solutions

  • Provides FACTS solutions for Systems upto 400kV, Covering
    • Fixes Series Compensations (FSC)
    • Static VAr Compensation (SVC)
    • Controlled Shunt Reactor (CSR)
    • Phase Shifting Transformer (PST)
    • With above products and systems BHEL is geared up for offering SMARTGRID Solutions.

4. Power system studies.

5. Erection commissioning, operation and maintenance services.

6. Consultancy services.

7. Testing facilities
One of the largest electro-magnetically screened Ultra High-Voltage laboratories of its kind in the world attached to a transformer plant offers most modern and sophisticated testing facilities for a wide range of Transmission equipments.

Fields of Activities:

  • Tests on EHV & UHV AC Transformers & Shunt Reactors
  • Special Tests on Reactors
  • Tests on UHVDC Converter Transformers & Smoothing Reactors
  • Tests on Bushings
  • Tests on Instrument Transformers
  • Tests on Other Transmission Line Equipments ( Viz. Capacitor, Switchgear, Busduct, Insulator, Conductor Etc).

The impulse test plant and AC high voltage test plant are adequate for test levels appropriate upto 1200kV Transmission systems and DC test plant is adequate for test levels suitable for +800kV HVDC transmission system.

Salient Features of UHV lab:

  • Capacity of testing equipment up to 1200kV class.
  • Electromagnetic Shielded 67x35x35M Hall-1 and 50x25x30M Hall-2 with a double walled GI construction with electrical continuity.
  • Acoustic attenuation with reverberation time of 3 to 3.5 seconds
  • Low impedance Grounding system.


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