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Materials type /
(for use in)

Non - Ferrous Materials

Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Aluminum, Brass etc. in shapes bars, wire rods, tubes, profiles, sheets, plates, etc.


Castings & Forgings

Casings, Rotors, Turbine blades/ profiles, Runners, Impellers, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Nozzles, etc.
(Steam Turbines, Hydro Turbines)

Tube Sheets, Flanges, Dished End
(Piping, Heat Exchangers)


Insulating Materials

Tapes, Conductors, Components & Varnishes
(Electrical Equipments)

Welding Consumables

Electrodes, Fluxes, etc.


Bearings, Measuring Instruments, Analyzers, Actuators, Blades, Magnets, Silicon Wafers, ICs, PCBs, Control Panels, Diesel Engines, Hydraulic Coupling, Connecting Couplings, Gears & Gear Boxes, Commutator Segments, Control and Power Cables, Bellows, etc.

Transformers & Bus ducts

Pre-compressed pressboard solid and laminated - 1 mm to 25 mm thick, Insulating oil to IS 335, High Voltage rectifier assy of 400 to 1400 Amp rating for ESP Transformers , Manufacturing of coils for ACEMU & Freight Loco Transformers on labour basis, Tanks & other steel fabrication work for freight loco, ESP, ACEMU and Instrument Transformers, Marshalling box, control cubicle, junction box for transformers, Steel cubicles for VT, NG for busducts, Current, Voltage & Neutral Grounding Transformers for busducts, Air Pressurization Equipment, Hot Air Blowing Equipment, Rubber Bellow, Metallic Bellow, etc.
(Transformers & Bus ducts)

Specific Components
New Vendor Requirement at
BHEL Ranipet      Contact Us
(Supply of component for the manufacture of Air Preheater, Electrostatic Precipitator & Industrial Fans)
BHEL Trichy        
  Contact Us : Firms with suitable facility & experience for HRSG Module Manufacturing along with Tube Finning


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