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BHEL, procures materials and components on a regular basis from suppliers spread all over the world. For this purpose, BHEL is backed by a strong supplier-base which is continually updated. 

New suppliers and traders (only those who are sole/authorized representatives of OEMs) both from within India and abroad, who would give BHEL competitive inputs, are now being added to the list of existing suppliers. For an initial assessment and empanelment with BHEL, suppliers may get registered by submitting completed forms to respective unit's Contact Person. To see the specific requirements of various Manufacturing Units, please click the link "New Suppliers Requirement".

For registration form, click the applicable link under "New Suppliers" block.

New Suppliers

Supplier Evaluation,Approval & Review Procedure

Online Supplier
Registration Portal

Online Supplier Registration Portal
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Registration Forms
  Suppliers outside of India
  Non-editable Form
  Editable Form
  Suppliers within India
  Non-editable Form
  Editable Form
  For Contractors
  Non-editable Form
  Editable Form
New Supplier Required
Status of Suppliers registration application
BHEL-Bhopal Vendor Enlistment - Supplier required for items
BHEL-PEM Vendor Enlistment (English)
BHEL-PEM Vendor Enlistment (Hindi)
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Suspension of business dealings with suppliers/ contractors
Guidelines for suspension of business dealings with suppliers/ contractors
For list of banned Firms, please click the link

Existing Suppliers

  Project Engineering Group
  Transmission Business Group
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