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Consultancy & Services

Engineering Services
Stress measurement and analysis of engineering components under external and internal service loading conditions

Theoretical stress analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM) by special software like ANSYS

Design validation using hydro-test
Prediction and control of distortion through weld sequencing & other methods involving jigs & fixtures for large scale structures with number of sub-assemblies
Residual stress measurement & analysis to arrive at the need for stress relieving heat treatment
Structural Integrity Analysis to assess the reliability & safety of welded structures subjected to static and dynamic loading
Weld design analysis & recommendation as per various international codes like ASME, AWS and other piping codes.
Interpretation and recommendation of applicable welding Codes & Standards.
Production Assistance to Industries
Establishment of welding fabrication methods and jobbing services on a case to case basis are offered.

Metallurgical Investigations

Testing & Inspection Services
WRI has full fledged mechanical, metallurgical, NDT and electronics laboratories to carryout various types of tests conforming to national and international standards.

Mechanical Testing, Chemical Testing and NDTWRI laboratory is well equipped to carryout the following tests as per applicable sections of various codes like ASTM, EN, IBR, BIS, ISO, AWS, API etc.

Tensile Test of Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Titanium alloys
Hardness Test by Vickers, Brinnel & Rockwell
Charpy Impact Test
Bend Test
Fatigue Test
Low Cycle Fatigue Test
Fracture Toughness Test
Macro – Etch Test
Diffusible Hydrogen measurement by Mercury method
Diffusible Hydrogen measurement by Gas Chromatography
Delta Ferrite measurement
Residual Stress Analysis by Blind Hole Drilling method
Magnetic Particle Testing (Surface & Sub-Surface defects)
Liquid Penetrant Examination
Radiographic Testing with X-Rays
Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic thickness measurement
Chemical analysis of Carbon, Low alloy and Stainless Steels
Chemical analysis of Ferro alloys

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