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Research & Development

Tailor Made Programmes

The training courses indicated in the booklet are intended to meet the common training needs of fabricating industries. The industries may also require special training programmes to cover topics of their exclusive interest. To cater to this, WRI also offers tailor made programmes after interacting with such needy industries, exclusively for their personnel. Some topics for tailor made programmes are givenseparately in page 24.

Location : These courses can be conducted either at WRI or at the premises of such customers, the choice of venue being governed by the type of course to be conducted. By conducting such programmes at WRI, the additional advantage of demonstrations and practical work can be availed by the participants.

Course Contents : The course contents and the syllabus for such tailor made programmes are finalised after mutual discussion.

Course Fee : The course fee would depend upon the duration, the number of WRI personnel to be deputed and the place at which course is to be conducted. The cost would be worked out and quoted for acceptance before any commitment is made for conduct of the programme. For further information, please contact

Telephone : (0431) 520006, 520448, 520280
Telefax: 91 - 0431 - 520770, 520710

Welders Training And Qualification

WRI offers practical training to welders for a variety of job requirements. The practical training is tailored to the specific needs of the individual welder under the close supervision of experienced instructors. Besides practical training, necessary theoretical inputs are also given The training workshop is equipped with facilities for SMAW, MIG/CO2 TIG and SAW processes. Welding techniques and skills are taught for plates, pipes and tubes in various positions. Welders are trained in variety of materials like carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous materials. Materials and consumables for training in common grades are provided by WRI. More specialised materials have to be provided by the sponsoring company.The welders training is organised right through the year at WRI. The duration of the training depends on the initial level of the welder, his ability to acquire higher skills, the actual job requirements like material, process, position etc. After the training the welder can be qualified as per the requirements of various codes like, ASME, BS, DIN, IBR, EN287etc. Such qualification in the presence of any testing authority specified by the customer is also possible. To finalise the course content, considerable interaction with customer is necessary on materials, process, code, qualification requirements etc. The duration, course fee and testing charges will vary depending on these factors. For further information, please contact.

Telephone : (0431) 520006, 520448, 520280
Telefax: 91 - 0431 - 520770, 520710

Package Programme
Training programme for all levels can be arranged at customers work on request. Contents, duration and course fee can be decided after discussion. Email your enquiries to


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