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Major Projects Completed

The technical expertise and knowledge base of the institute has been fully applied to benefit to a wide range of industries through in-house and industry referred projects. Some of the major developments are listed below.

Electro Gas Welding System
Electro-Gas welding process is advantageously employed in many countries for welding of vertical joints in view of the associated overall economy and better mechanical properties of the weld. Typical applications include ship hull structure, pressure vessel, storage tanks, blast furnaces and large steel structures.The institute has developed an automatic Electro Gas Welding machine indigenously.

This machine is capable of welding steel plates upto 50 mm thickness in vertical position upto 4.5 meter height in a single pass. 

The quantum of weld metal is greatly reduced in this process because the gap between plates can be kept as low as 13-15 mm and the joints do not require post weld Normalising heat-treatment. 

Internal Deep Bore Stelliting Machine
A special purpose cladding systemhas been developed for internal stelliting of tubes and valves having small diameter bores using MIG welding Process. Salient features of the machine include a special purpose welding torch, a column mounted X-Y slides, a motorized torch holder and synergic MIG welding power source. This system enables mechanised cladding of deep bores with restricted axis in cylindrical sections resulting in excellent weld quality.
Low Pressure Plasma Spraying System

Low Pressure Plasma Spraying (LPPS) has become a worldwide established process in gas turbine industry for providing MCrAIY type coatings on turbine components for protection against hot gas corrosion and oxidation. 

This process is being attempted in other areas also. This technique largely avoids gas-metal reactions even for reactive materials and produces oxide free uncontaminated dense coating having good bond strength. WRI has indigenously developed a LPPS system with rectangular spray chamber (Size 2000x1000x600 mm) for hard facing cylindrical components such as steam turbine spindles and industrial valve components.
An innovative high temperature oscillating wear test rig has been indigenously designed to test the functional suitability of LPPS stellited spindles by simulating the actual steam turbine operating conditions in the test rig. The surface finish obtained after coating is harder and smoother than Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) stelliting. After stelliting only 0.3mm grinding is required.


Overlaying Machine for Bowl mill Rolls

This machine has been developed for depositing hard metal layers on worn out coal pulveriser rolls of bowl mills used in Power Plant. This machine employs Submerged arc welding process with specially developed flux cored wire. With necessary attachments, this system can be used for overlaying wear resistant weldmetal on worn out surfaces of similar industrial components. The machine can accommodate jobs upto 1600 mm diameter and weighing upto 3000 Kgs.

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