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BHEL, Trichy Unit is entering into Quarterly Rate Contracts for purchase of steel and any prospective supplier may approach for registration and if registered will be considered for subsequent quarterly tenders.

BHEL is onboard with TReDS platform of M/s RXIL. All MSE suppliers may get themselves registered on this platform.

NIT Number Tender Description Unit Tender Opening Date
NIT_67673 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_67673
Tender Notification Number : HEP/TTG/FP/EOI/22/01
Tender Description : Portable Loss Measurement System
Date of Notification : 18-08-2022 09:07:16 PM
BHEL, Bhopal 10-09-2022 07:30:00 PM
NIT_67499 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_67499
Tender Notification Number : PSER-SCT-KLN-M2161-22
Tender Description : Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Jointing, Lamination of Balance Chimney GRP Flue Liners/Ducts and Erection of Condensate Extraction System for 2X660 MW Maitree Rampal Project, Bangladesh.
Date of Notification : 10-08-2022 06:05:14 PM
BHEL, PSER 16-08-2022 06:30:00 PM
NIT_61965 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_61965
Tender Notification Number : BHE/PW/PUR/NTPRT-COPPER STRIPS / 2
Tender Description :
Supply including transportation and handing over to BHEL PATRATU STORE, of 600mm wide COPPER WATER STOP FABRICATED WITH 22G THICKNESS COPPER STRIP at 3x800MW PVUNL Patratu Project

Date of Notification : 09-12-2021 11:38:58 PM
BHEL, PSWR 16-12-2021 08:30:00 PM
NIT_61181 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_61181
Tender Notification Number : PSER: BOP: RODM: MSTPP:17
Tender Description : Supply of Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferric chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Meta Bisulfite (food grade), Citric acid, Carbon-di-oxide (food grade), Carbon-di-oxide empty cylinders, Limestone (food grade) and Antiscalant for 1st & 2nd Pass RO of RODM Plant FOR 2X660 MW MAITREE , RAMPAL PROJECT , BANGLADESH
Date of Notification : 31-10-2021 01:30:09 PM
BHEL Maitree 11-11-2021 09:30:09 PM
NIT_14456 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_14456
Tender Notification Number :
Tender Description :
Date of Notification : 19-06-2013 10:36:00 AM
02-09-2013 08:30:00 PM
NIT_10988 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_10988
Tender Notification Number :
Tender Description :
Date of Notification : 10-12-2011 10:42:00 AM
05-01-2012 08:30:00 PM