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Harit BHEL(हरित बीएचईएल)

Harit BHEL(हरित बीएचईएल)

Transforming BHEL into a Green Company

The issue of climate change and imperative for climate action has taken the central stage in today's world and has become a key factor influencing business strategies and policies. India has been a very vocal proponent of climate action at world stage and has put forward its commitment in the form of a five-point action plan 'Panchamrit', which includes commitment for Net Zero target by 2070.

BHEL has been an environment conscious organization right from its inception. BHEL is already offering many products and solutions for mitigating the impacts of climate change and further working on many related emerging technologies. It has been working relentlessly for reducing environmental footprint of its own operations through a well laid out Environment Management System.

To address the emerging situation, BHEL has launched हरित बीएचईएल (Harit BHEL) initiative, to position itself as a Green Company and making it a part of its strategy for business growth. This also includes enhanced focus on ESG principles, which in turn will help the company gain a competitive edge, foster a culture of innovation in designing, manufacturing and delivering environment friendly products and services.

Our Vision
To be a Net Zero and Water Neutral Company with minimal Environmental Impact.
Our Target
  • To be a Net Zero Company by 2047#
  • Achieving highest Green Company Rating for all BHEL Units.
  • #Net Zero wrt scope 1 & Scope 2 emission.

We have adopted a three-pronged strategy for हरित बीएचईएल (HARIT BHEL).

1. Setting Target to Achieve Net Zero by 2047: BHEL shall be working to achieve Net Zero status with respect to Scope-1 and Scope-2 emissions and will encourage reduction of Scope-3 emissions by engaging with our customers and vendors. Units will be evaluating their carbon emission at the end of each year and set fresh target and action plan for reduction of carbon emission.

2. Green Company Rating for Manufacturing Units: All manufacturing Units will be undergoing assessment for Green Company Rating (GreenCo Rating). To start with, during FY 2023-24, five manufacturing Units will undergo assessment for GreenCo Rating. Other Units will be taken up in phased manner.

3. Nine Focused Sustainability Initiatives: Nine sustainability initiatives have been identified to be implemented across BHEL during 2023-24. These include – target to plant 75,000 saplings in BHEL premises, water audit of manufacturing units to ensure efficient use of water, attaining Zero Liquid Discharge status for all units, energy audit of manufacturing Units to identify new opportunities for energy conservation and efficient use of energy, creating water bodies within BHEL campuses to promote biodiversity, putting up more rainwater harvesting systems, solid waste management in BHEL townships to ensure waste segregation at source and composting of biodegradable wastes, taking steps to ensure use of natural sun light in workshops and buildings so as to avoid use of electricity for lighting purpose during day time, installing more Solar PV power plants for captive use to increase use of RE in our operations so as to reduce company’s carbon foot print.

The outcome of these initiatives will be reviewed at the end of each year and needed realignment will be carried out in these initiatives as well as targets.

Harit BHEL

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