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BHEL, Trichy Unit is entering into Quarterly Rate Contracts for purchase of steel and any prospective supplier may approach for registration and if registered will be considered for subsequent quarterly tenders.

BHEL is onboard with TReDS platform of M/s RXIL. All MSE suppliers may get themselves registered on this platform.

NIT Number Tender Description Unit Tender Opening Date
NIT_60972 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60972
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1607605 - E-6792/2021
Tender Description : CABLE TERM.& JOINT KITS (Main Supply + Mandatory Spares)
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 10:56:55 PM
BHEL, PEM 29-10-2021 10:00:00 PM
NIT_60971 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60971
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1607637
Tender Description : Combined Enquiry for Seven FGD Projects (i.e. 2x250 MW NSPCL Bhilai FGD, 2x500 MW NTPC MAUDA FGD STAGE-I, 3x200+3x500 MW NTPC RAMAGUNDAM FGD, 3x200+3x500+1x500 MW NTPC KORBA FGD, 3x660 MW North Karanpura FGD, 3x660 MW NPGCL NABINAGAR FGD and 4x250MW BRBCL Nabinagar FGD) for supply of RIGID STEEL CONDUITS.
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 10:50:00 PM
BHEL, PEM 29-10-2021 11:00:00 PM
NIT_60970 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60970
Tender Notification Number : BHEL/FSIP/MM-WCC/21-22/W-20
Tender Description : Framework Agreement for Service contract for Operation of 2 no. pick and carry crane (hydra) with operators for 02 years as per scope of work at Fabrication Plant, Jagdishpur.
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 10:26:22 PM
BHEL, Jagdishpur 30-10-2021 08:30:00 PM
NIT_60969 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60969
Tender Notification Number : BHEL/FSIP/MM-WCC/21-22/W-18
Tender Description : Service contract for Fabrication, assembly and painting of Auto Welded Beams (AWB) at FSIP, Jagdishpur.
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 10:21:42 PM
BHEL, Jagdishpur 30-10-2021 08:30:00 PM
NIT_60968 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60968
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1606947
Tender Description : Carrying out Coal Handling Operation in round the clock basis using BHEL owned Front EndLoader at PG Plant of HPBPTrichy AT BHEL TRICHY
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 10:03:26 PM
BHEL, Trichy 29-10-2021 09:00:26 PM
NIT_60967 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60967
Tender Notification Number : T0AUX00067 (NIT_60967)
Tender Description : Pre-Bid Tie-Up for NRL Numaligarh SRU Project
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 09:50:00 PM
BHEL, Hyderabad 27-10-2021 07:30:00 PM
NIT_60966 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60966
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1607596
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 09:41:21 PM
HEAVY PLATES and VESSELS PLANT 02-11-2021 08:00:00 PM
NIT_60965 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60965
Tender Notification Number : 9810026E
Tender Description : IO point installation cable dressing OFC splicing etc at BHEL Ranipet
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 09:35:40 PM
BHEL, Ranipet 01-11-2021 08:00:00 PM
NIT_60964 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60964
Tender Notification Number : 1502100031
Tender Description : Manufacturing and Supply of Seamless Alloy steel and carbon Steel tubes
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 09:33:21 PM
BHEL, Trichy 02-11-2021 09:30:00 PM
NIT_60963 New icon Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_60963
Tender Notification Number : 9721MS210023E DT 19 10 2021
Tender Description : Calibration of TANGEDCO 02sets of Energy Meters at BAP BHEL Ranipet Factory (EB Incomer)
Date of Notification : 19-10-2021 09:31:42 PM
BHEL, Ranipet 27-10-2021 08:00:42 PM