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BHEL, Trichy Unit is entering into Quarterly Rate Contracts for purchase of steel and any prospective supplier may approach for registration and if registered will be considered for subsequent quarterly tenders.

BHEL is onboard with TReDS platform of M/s RXIL. All MSE suppliers may get themselves registered on this platform.

NIT Number Tender Description Unit Tender Opening Date
NIT_65300 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_65300
Tender Notification Number : E4621010
Date of Notification : 16-05-2022 09:30:00 PM
BHEL, Jhansi 30-05-2022 07:30:00 PM
NIT_64896 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_64896
Tender Notification Number : 03:AA:NOI:ADMN:RCC:112:2022-23 DATED 27.04.2022
Date of Notification : 27-04-2022 11:47:30 PM
Corp Office Noida 02-05-2022 05:00:00 PM
NIT_64635 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_64635
Tender Notification Number : AA: GAX:22: TA:101
Tender Description : Empanelment of Travel Agencies
Date of Notification : 18-04-2022 10:30:00 PM
BHEL, New Delhi 05-05-2022 08:30:01 PM
NIT_62785 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_62785
Tender Notification Number : 77/21/6107/RAJ
Tender Description : Supply of Transformers for NTPC Kahalgaon, Ramagundam and Barauni projects
Date of Notification : 29-01-2022 11:45:27 PM
ISG Bangalore 14-03-2022 09:30:01 PM
NIT_62376 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_62376
Tender Notification Number : PE/PG/CU4/E-6849/2021
Tender Description : Limited tender Enquiry for “LT XLPE Power Cable” for R&M of ESP (Pass-A) at 250 MW (Unit-4) Chhabra TPS of M/s RVUNL as per Technical Specification No. PE-TS-493-507-E001, Rev-0.
Date of Notification : 03-01-2022 05:35:04 PM
BHEL, PEM 13-01-2022 10:30:00 PM
NIT_61920 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_61920
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1732715
Tender Description : Supply of Transformers
Date of Notification : 07-12-2021 10:55:11 PM
ISG Bangalore 23-12-2021 10:00:01 PM
NIT_61751 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_61751
Tender Notification Number : CE/ES/2021-22/01/CSPGCL KORBA (W)/SECU/SJDB
Tender Description : Hiring Round the clock Security Services(Armed) for
protection of Land and property at BHEL EDN Site
Office and Stores, 4 x 210 MW (Stage-I) CSPGCL
Korba(W) at Korba Chattisgarh.

Date of Notification : 30-11-2021 04:06:20 PM
BHEL EDN, Bangalore 03-12-2021 07:00:20 PM
NIT_61002 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_61002
Tender Notification Number : Supply of 1100V VFD LT Power Cables for NTPC Singrauli & Vindhyachal Project
Tender Description : Supply of 1100V VFD LT Power Cables for NTPC Singrauli & Vindhyachal Project
Date of Notification : 21-10-2021 09:03:16 PM
ISG Bangalore 29-10-2021 09:30:00 PM
NIT_59628 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_59628
Tender Notification Number : BHEL/HEEP/WEX-WCS/21-22/6240/20210062 DT. 28.07.2021
Tender Description : Preventive maintenance activities of Compressor house, Acetylene plant, ORP and RWS pump house.
Date of Notification : 29-07-2021 03:32:03 PM
BHEL, Haridwar 13-08-2021 07:30:00 PM
NIT_59624 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_59624
Tender Notification Number : BHEL/HEEP/WEX-WCS/21-22/2150/20210060 DT 29.07.2021
Tender Description : Blue Matching Work of Different Components Such as Bearings, Seal Body, Seal Rings, Labyrinths & Oil Wipers etc. for 250MW/500MW/600MW/660 & 800 MW TG's & Exciters in Bl-1.
Date of Notification : 29-07-2021 01:04:52 PM
BHEL, Haridwar 13-08-2021 07:30:00 PM