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BHEL, Trichy Unit is entering into Quarterly Rate Contracts for purchase of steel and any prospective supplier may approach for registration and if registered will be considered for subsequent quarterly tenders.

BHEL is onboard with TReDS platform of M/s RXIL. All MSE suppliers may get themselves registered on this platform.

NIT Number Tender Description Unit Tender Opening Date
NIT_78480 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_78480
Tender Notification Number : TVAL3-2324
Tender Description : Machining of Valve component
Date of Notification : 25-11-2023 09:45:26 PM
BHEL, IVP Goindwal Sahib 29-11-2023 09:00:00 PM
NIT_78156 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_78156
Tender Notification Number : 10:AA:NOI:ADMN:IUK Catering:112:2023-24 dated 10.11.2023
Date of Notification : 10-11-2023 08:41:04 PM
Corp Office Noida 15-11-2023 09:00:00 PM
NIT_78038 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_78038
Tender Notification Number : AA: GAX: 23: PR: 3111
Tender Description : BHEL invites Limited Tender from two vendors for the scope mentioned in the tender regard to supply of souvenir tabulated in table A of the NIT
Date of Notification : 07-11-2023 01:00:00 AM
BHEL, New Delhi 07-11-2023 09:00:00 PM
NIT_77931 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_77931
Tender Notification Number : HERP/WCM/HR/Security/23-25
Tender Description : For providing Watch and Ward (Security) Services at BHEL, HERP-Varanasi & CoE Karkhiyaon
Date of Notification : 02-11-2023 09:33:59 PM
BHEL, Varanasi 09-11-2023 09:30:00 PM
NIT_77675 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_77675
Tender Notification Number : RC89-2324
Tender Description : machining of seat insert
Date of Notification : 20-10-2023 03:00:00 PM
BHEL, IVP Goindwal Sahib 25-10-2023 09:00:00 PM
NIT_77342 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_77342
Tender Notification Number : RC88-2324
Tender Description : Machining of Wall Blower and valve component
Date of Notification : 05-10-2023 10:26:59 PM
BHEL, IVP Goindwal Sahib 14-10-2023 09:00:01 PM
NIT_77049 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_77049
Tender Notification Number : BHEL PSSR SCT 2103
Tender Description : Geotechnical investigation for 3x800MW NLC Talabira Thermal Power Project (NTTPP), near Kumbhari & Tareikela villages in Jharsuguda District, Odisha
Date of Notification : 20-09-2023 03:30:00 PM
BHEL, PSSR 23-09-2023 10:30:00 PM
NIT_76473 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_76473
Tender Notification Number : CC/ADVT/06/2023-24
Tender Description : Publication of Colour advertisement of Chairman AGM Speech 2023
Date of Notification : 25-08-2023 02:18:49 AM
Corp office Delhi. 25-08-2023 06:00:00 PM
NIT_76466 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_76466
Tender Notification Number : AA: GAX:23: EV:101
Tender Description : NIT for Organising Board Meeting at Bishangarh, Rajasthan on 02-04 Sept’2023
Date of Notification : 24-08-2023 10:30:00 PM
Corp office Delhi. 28-08-2023 09:00:01 PM
NIT_75017 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_75017
Tender Notification Number : ID/ HRM/ A041/ Air-Rail Tickets-ENQ
Tender Description : Limited Tender for providing air & train ticketing and other travel related services at BHEL Lodhi Road Office, New Delhi
Date of Notification : 28-06-2023 10:10:37 PM
BHEL, Industry Sector 21-07-2023 09:00:00 PM