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BHEL, Trichy Unit is entering into Quarterly Rate Contracts for purchase of steel and any prospective supplier may approach for registration and if registered will be considered for subsequent quarterly tenders.

BHEL is onboard with TReDS platform of M/s RXIL. All MSE suppliers may get themselves registered on this platform.

NIT Number Tender Description Unit Tender Opening Date
NIT_80520 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_80520
Tender Notification Number : E7933025
Tender Description : Rate Contract for STACK PRESSING STRIPES
Date of Notification : 27-02-2024 07:51:09 PM
BHEL, Bhopal 08-03-2024 08:30:00 PM
NIT_80442 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_80442
Tender Notification Number : CE-MM-CPD/MED-LRC/2024-26 (NIC Tender ID: 2024_BHEL_33308_1)
Tender Description : Local Rate Contract for 02 Years with Medicine Manufacturers, Principal Importers, Principal Marketing Companies for supply of Medicines to BHEL-EDN and BHEL-SBD, Bengaluru Units
Date of Notification : 23-02-2024 06:08:38 PM
BHEL EDN, Bangalore 08-03-2024 08:30:00 PM
NIT_80427 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_80427
Tender Notification Number : E0939001
Date of Notification : 22-02-2024 10:31:56 PM
BHEL, Jhansi 05-03-2024 07:30:00 PM
NIT_80417 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_80417
Tender Notification Number : BHEL/ROD/VDR/TAXI/2024
Tender Description : HIRING OF TAXIS ON REQUIREMENT BASIS on Annual Rate Contract basis FOR BHEL ROD Vadodara at Ahmedabad
Date of Notification : 22-02-2024 06:25:00 PM
Regional Operations Division Mumbai 15-03-2024 10:00:00 PM
NIT_79943 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_79943
Tender Notification Number : 2024_BHEL_32476_1
Tender Description : Rate Contract (Framework Agreement) for the supply of Galvanized Lattice Type Structures for various BHEL TBG project sites
Date of Notification : 05-02-2024 09:30:00 PM
BHEL, TBG 08-03-2024 09:30:01 PM
NIT_79835 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_79835
Tender Notification Number : 2024_BHEL_32483_1;AKSPROP084
Tender Description : Male Quick Coupling
Date of Notification : 01-02-2024 07:34:31 PM
BHEL EDN, Bangalore 12-02-2024 07:30:00 PM
NIT_79408 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_79408
Tender Notification Number : TE-166
Tender Description : Entering into a Rate Contract for Supply of M.S.Weld Plug as per BHEL Drawing and technical documents
for 12 Months

Date of Notification : 02-01-2024 08:20:25 PM
BHEL, Jagdishpur 12-01-2024 09:00:00 PM
NIT_79351 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_79351
Tender Notification Number : E1830021
Date of Notification : 30-12-2023 07:30:00 PM
BHEL, Jhansi 15-01-2024 07:30:00 PM
NIT_79204 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_79204
Tender Notification Number : E-RC-304-23-0591-61-1
Tender Description : CARBON STEEL FORGING (AA19332) WT GREATER THAN 500 KG
Date of Notification : 23-12-2023 09:25:59 PM
BHEL, Varanasi 02-01-2024 09:30:59 PM
NIT_78989 Tender NIT Number : NIT_NIT_78989
Tender Notification Number : TE-164/2023-24
Tender Description : Entering into Rate Contract for supply of Calundum
Cement for One Year as per BHEL Plant Purchase Specifications No. JP55299 Rev.00.

Date of Notification : 15-12-2023 07:07:34 PM
BHEL, Jagdishpur 29-12-2023 09:00:01 PM