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NIT Number Tender Description Unit Opening Bid Date
NIT_61893 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61893
Tender Notification Number : NIC GeP Tender Id: 2021_BHEL_6463_1
Tender Description : Supply of CS & SS PIPE FITTINGS

Date of Notification : 06-12-2021 04:40:35 PM
HEAVY PLATES and VESSELS PLANT 07-12-2021 08:00:00 PM
NIT_61827 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61827
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1707054
Tender Description : welding cable
Date of Notification : 02-12-2021 10:37:27 PM
BHEL, Trichy 06-12-2021 10:00:00 PM
NIT_61752 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61752
Tender Notification Number : 9721MS210027, DT: 29.11.2021
Tender Description : Replacement of ruptured portion of Compressed Air line in between new GTS to FTS area.
Date of Notification : 30-11-2021 05:17:49 PM
BHEL, Ranipet 07-12-2021 08:00:00 PM
NIT_61751 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61751
Tender Notification Number : CE/ES/2021-22/01/CSPGCL KORBA (W)/SECU/SJDB
Tender Description : Hiring Round the clock Security Services(Armed) for
protection of Land and property at BHEL EDN Site
Office and Stores, 4 x 210 MW (Stage-I) CSPGCL
Korba(W) at Korba Chattisgarh.

Date of Notification : 30-11-2021 04:06:20 PM
BHEL EDN, Bangalore 03-12-2021 07:00:20 PM
NIT_61738 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61738
Tender Notification Number : HY/PULV/ WC/TN/SR/2021-22(1), dated:29.11.2021
Tender Description : Stay Ring Fabrication at Pulverisers Division
Date of Notification : 29-11-2021 06:10:26 PM
BHEL, Hyderabad 07-12-2021 07:00:01 PM
NIT_61733 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61733
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1705659
Tender Description : Tender Notices Advertisement Any inside page of main page Dinakaran Tamil Trichy Black and White Normal Rates
Date of Notification : 27-11-2021 09:56:50 PM
BHEL, Trichy 07-12-2021 10:00:50 PM
NIT_61727 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61727
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1693738
Tender Description : Gem Enquiry No GEM/2021/B/1693738 for the procurement of Control Valves for Panki Projects. For more details, visit
Date of Notification : 27-11-2021 09:11:34 PM
BHEL, Piping Centre 02-12-2021 11:00:00 PM
NIT_61725 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61725
Tender Notification Number : 2021_BHEL_6088_1
Tender Description : Nic Enquiry ref no 2021_BHEL_6088_1 for the procurement of Snubbers for Bhusawal and Yadadri Projects. For details visit
Date of Notification : 27-11-2021 08:52:54 PM
BHEL, Piping Centre 02-12-2021 11:30:00 PM
NIT_61724 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61724
Tender Notification Number : GEM/2021/B/1683095
Tender Description : GeM Enquiry GEM/2021/B/1683095 for the procurement of condensate Pump for Panki Projects. For details visit
Date of Notification : 27-11-2021 08:46:45 PM
BHEL, Piping Centre 05-12-2021 01:00:01 AM
NIT_61721 Tender NIT Number : NIT_61721
Tender Notification Number : Bid Number: GEM/2021/B/1709156 Dated: 27-11-2021
Tender Description : OXYGEN HOSE-PIPE SPEC: FF77998 REV03 SIZE DIA 10MM

Date of Notification : 27-11-2021 08:02:08 PM
BHEL, Haridwar 07-12-2021 08:00:00 PM