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Other Initiatives-Beyond Thrust Areas

Vision to All - BHEL’s Call

BHEL has helped society in many ways and one such initiative is Eye Donation. “Vision to all, BHEL’s Call” is an initiative by BHEL for eradication of corneal blindness by pledging one’s eyes. More than 92,000 eye donation pledges from BHEL employees and their family members have been given to eye banks to eradicate blindness from society. This is a unique attempt where such a large number of pledges have been given by an organization. BHEL also supports the cause of organ donation. It is heartening to note that through this initiative, numerous individuals have been provided eyesight which has opened for them a bright and beautiful window to the wonderful world that our Mother Nature has bestowed on us. Eye donation is considered as supreme form of charity as it helps a visually impaired person to see the world through the donor’s eyes. Depicted below are some images of this initiative:

Image of Other Initiatives-Beyond Thrust Areas

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